Matt Berry plans more Toast Of London

Wednesday 5th June 2019, 1:03pm

  • Toast Of London could return to screens, five years after its last series aired
  • Matt Berry has confirmed that he is planning a fourth series of the sitcom
  • However, amidst a busy schedule he does not know when he will be able to write it
Toast Of London. Steven Toast (Matt Berry). Copyright: Objective Productions.

Matt Berry has revealed that he plans to write a fourth series of Toast Of London.

The sitcom focuses on an outrageous, largely talentless and wholly luckless actor, Steven Toast, who finds himself in a constant string of tricky situations, both through his own bombast and the incompetence of his agent, Jane Plough.

Three series have been broadcast to date, with the last airing in 2015. Berry co-writes the programme with Arthur Mathews, and stars as Toast. Doon Mackichan appears as Plough; Robert Bathurst as Toast's flatmate and fellow actor, Ed Howzer-Black; and Harry Peacock as his personal and professional nemesis, Ray Purchase.

Shazad Latif, Tim Downie and Tracy Ann Oberman complete the regular cast.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper to promote his latest sitcom, Victorian police comedy Year Of The Rabbit, Berry explained that he is planning to pen a fourth series, but doesn't yet know when he'll have time to write it. He is now a leading cast member of US vampire sitcom What We Do In The Shadows, requiring him to live and work in the US for almost 4 months every year.

Asked why he wants to return to Steven Toast, Matt Berry said: "Because he's the anti-me. I wrote him because I met so many actors who are utterly vicious about other actors - always frustrated, bitter and cynical. I'm not. I'm doing all the things I ever wanted. More than I ever imagined. I never dreamed of being a comedian. I never imagined I'd be a clown. There aren't enough hours in the day. But otherwise I'm living the life I wanted."

Year Of The Rabbit begins at 10pm on Channel 4 this Monday, 10th June. What We Do In The Shadows is broadcast in the UK on Sunday evenings by BBC Two.

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Toast Of London - Series One, Two & Three

Toast Of London - Series One, Two & Three

Meet Steven Toast (Matt Berry, The IT Crowd, House Of Fools) - actor, ladies' man and aficionado of some of Soho's finest drinking clubs.

With the often misguided assistance of his old-school 'retro' agent Jane Plough (Doon Mackichan, Smack The Pony, Plebs) and peculiar flatmate Ed Howzer-Black (Robert Bathurst, Cold Feet, Downton Abbey), Toast faces a multitude of obstacles in his quest for fame and recognition. These include murderous director Acker Herron, arch-nemesis Ray Bloody' Purchase, submarines, Bruce Forsyth lookalikes, obsessive hoarders, Freemasonry, and the real Michael Ball.

Also includes the full array of special features from the individual series releases, ranging from deleted scenes and behind the scenes features to audio commentaries.

First released: Saturday 26th December 2015

  • Distributor: 4DVD
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 3
  • Catalogue: C4SP005

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Toast on Toast - Cautionary tales and candid advice

Toast on Toast - Cautionary tales and candid advice

Hot on the heels of the critical hit Toast Of London, this memoir-slash-acting-guide is Steven Toast through and through, each word personally selected for maximum (bombastic) emphasis. Welcome to his world, and be inspired by this genius who happens to boast the most luxuriant quiff-and-tache combination in showbiz.

In Toast on Toast - part memoir, part 'how to act' manual - Steven Toast draws on his vast and varied experiences, providing the reader with an invaluable insight into his journey from school plays to RADA, and from It's a Right Royal Knockout to the Colony Club.

Along the way, he reveals the secrets of his success. He discloses how to brush up on and expand your technical and vocal skills, how to nail a professional voiceover, and how to deal with difficult work experience staff in a recording studio. He also reveals the dangers of typecasting, describes the often ruthless struggle for 'top billing', and shares many awesome nuggets of advice.

The end result is a book that will inspire and educate anyone who wants to tread the floorboards. It will also inform (and entertain) anybody who simply wants to discover what a jobbing actor's life is actually like.

"Includes a detailed index for quick and easy orientation."

This book is written by Toast Of London writers Matt Berry and Arthur Mathews in character as Toast.

First published: Thursday 22nd October 2015

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