Still Open All Hours Series 6 confirmed

Friday 21st December 2018, 10:12am

  • Series 6 of Still Open All Hours will be filmed in early 2019
  • The next series will feature plotlines including Eric and Cyril going on a camping trip
  • Sir David Jason says: "I am delighted that we will start filming again next year"
Still Open All Hours. Granville (David Jason). Copyright: BBC.

Still Open All Hours, the reboot of classic sitcom Open All Hours, is to return for a sixth series, the BBC confirmed today.

David Jason will once again reprise his role as Granville, "the grocer with the gift of the gab".

Talking about plotlines for Series 6, the BBC teases: "There is 'in-tents' excitement in the new series for Eric (Johnny Vegas) and Cyril (Kulvinder Ghir) when they get a little too close to nature trying to impress their wives on a camping trip.

"Gastric (Tim Healy) may be ready to die for love of Madge (Brigit Forsythe) but is he ready to diet?

"Mr Newbold (Geoffrey Whitehead)'s love life begins a new chapter after meeting Mrs Rossi (Sue Holderness) in the library, but will Mrs Featherstone (Stephanie Cole) throw the book at him if she ever finds out?

"Madge (Maggie Ollerenshaw) finally stands up for herself, but will anybody notice? And Kath (Sally Lindsay) stages a jumble sale starring Eric's favourite clothes.

"Meanwhile Leroy (James Baxter) is still longing for Beth (Katie Redford) almost as much as he's longing for a lie in. Plus there's the driving lesson of doom, a dog whispering sweet nothings, a bicycle ride full of surprises, all sorts of interesting new uses for a mangle, and the snapping drawer of that famous till."

On the forthcoming series Sir David Jason says: "It always gives me great pleasure to look forward to working with such a wonderful and talented cast and crew, kick-started by the creation of such a surreal and silly world courtesy of Roy Clarke. I am delighted that we will start filming again next year as I know we will all have fun recording each episode and that the viewers get the chance to enjoy the fun on their screens."

BBC Commissioning Editor Gregor Sharp comments: "There are few shows which can claim to be one of UK comedy's crown jewels but Still Open All Hours comfortably falls into that bracket with its glittering cast and amazing heritage and we can't wait to kneel before the new series."

Gareth Edwards, Executive Producer of the show, adds: "It's going to be an absolute joy to be back in Arkwright's, spending more time with our cast of national comic treasures and Roy Clarke's uniquely daft and delightful scripts."

Still Open All Hours Series 6 will be filmed in early 2019, for broadcast on BBC One later in the year.

A new Christmas special will be shown on Sunday (23rd December) at 6:50pm. It sees Granville trying to pass on a large consignment of mistletoe mince pies to his customers.

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