People Just Do Nothing to be piloted in America

Thursday 25th October 2018, 9:23am

  • Amazon Studios is to make a pilot episode of People Just Do Nothing for American audiences
  • The new version, based on a similar premise to the hit BBC Three series, will be set in North Las Vegas
  • The UK version is due to return for a fifth series, in which the council prepare to knock down the block of flats
People Just Do Nothing. Image shows from L to R: Beats (Hugo Chegwin), Grindah (Allan Mustafa), Chabuddy G (Asim Chaudhry), Steves (Steve Stamp), Decoy (Daniel Sylvester Woolford), Fantasy (Marvin Jay Alvarez). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Hit BBC sitcom People Just Do Nothing is to be remade by for American audiences.

Variety reports that Amazon has ordered a pilot episode to be filmed.

The trade publication says: "The untitled, half-hour project is a mockumentary following a group of working class DJs and their friends in a town called North Las Vegas: a land of mini malls and vast parking lots, where the lights of The Strip act as a beacon of fame and glory that's just out of reach. The series tracks their stumbling ambitions, and explores how relationships between friends and family evolve as the reality of peoples' dreams starts to hit."

Mehar Sethi, who has worked on shows including It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and BoJack Horseman will lead the writing team adapting the original British scripts.

The creators and stars of the UK version - Allan Mustafa, Hugo Chegwin, Steve Stamp and Asim Chaudhry - will act as executive producers on the project alongside Ash Atalla from production company Roughcut TV, which will work on the show with Amazon Studios.

Chris Storer, who has worked on stand-up formats including The Comedy Lineup and Chris Rock: Tamborine will direct the shoot.

Details on the casting for the project have yet to be announced.

People Just Do Nothing launched on BBC Three as a pilot in 2012, growing over the subsequent four series into notable hit. The upcoming Series 5 is set to bring the comedy to an end.

Teasing the new series - which is expected to begin next month, the BBC say: "DJ Steves has been arrested and all the station equipment has been seized by the Police. Can the crew find a new home to transmit from and finally make Kurupt FM go global? Will Chabuddy be able to find time to help alongside his job and his insatiable new girlfriend?

"The station isn't the only thing under threat. After the excitement of the Wedding, Miche and Grindah have been rocked by news that the council have decided to knock down the Brentford blocks to make way for luxury flats. Where will this leave the family?"

A spin-off book from the show - Chabuddy G. - How To Be A Man - is due to be released on 1st November.

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Chabuddy G. - How To Be A Man

Chabuddy G. - How To Be A Man

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First published: Thursday 1st November 2018

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