Sky Comedy Shorts 2018 launched

Monday 24th September 2018, 4:12pm

Sky Comedy Shorts 2018. Image shows from L to R: Mark (Lee Ridley), Preeti (Sindhu Vee), Maleek (Samson Kayo), Alex (Alex Brooker), Jonny (Jonny Pelham), Ann (Susan Wokoma), Max Bartlett (Kris Marshall).

Alex Brooker, Jonny Pelham, Kris Marshall, Lee Ridley, Samson Kayo, Sindhu Vee and Susan Wokoma star in Sky's 2018 Comedy Shorts.

Sky explains: "This list of established and emerging comedy performers will be given the opportunity to show comedy fans around the country something fresh and different - from a train passenger dealing with an overzealous guard to one man facing a life changing operation - and so much more."

The Comedy Shorts are available now on demand to Sky and NOW TV customers, before being broadcast on Sky Arts from the 10th October.

Here's more details on the episodes:

Alex Brooker's Comedy Short

Alex Brooker's Comedy Short. Alex (Alex Brooker). Copyright: Open Mike Productions.

Alex Brooker plays a man who's due to have a pioneering double hand transplant operation. But after a frank discussion with a barmaid, he wonders if it's all really worth it. The episode also stars Paul Kaye, Kathryn Drysdale and Esther Smith.

Jonny Pelham's Comedy Short

Jonny Pelham's Comedy Short. Jonny (Jonny Pelham).

Meet Jonny, a man born with webbed toes, a cleft palate, a cleft lip, a hole in the roof of his mouth and more nipples than necessary. And he's about to venture into the dating scene. Harriet Kemsley, Bobby Mair, Miles Jupp, Beattie Edmondson, Ruth Hunter and Jimmy Akingbola also appear.

Kris Marshall's Comedy Short

Kris Marshall's Comedy Short. Max Bartlett (Kris Marshall). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

Kris Marshall plays the pampered star of a popular TV detective show. When he's given the wrong lunch, he suspects foul play among his fellow cast and crew, and sets about solving his biggest mystery to date. Written by Joseph May and Sam Callis, the cast list for the 10 minute episode also features actors including Rosie Sheehy, Zahra Ahmadi and Phillipa Dunne.

Lost Voice Guy's Comedy Short

Lost Voice Guy's Comedy Short. Mark (Lee Ridley). Copyright: Open Mike Productions.

Lee Ridley, also known as Lost Voice Guy, plays Mark, a man with cerebral palsy. Mark can't talk, so he uses an iPad to chat to his fellow commuters, resulting in an infuriating and mischievous train journey from hell. Nina Wadia, Craig Parkinson and Mark Davison co-star.

Samson Kayo's Comedy Short

Bloods. Image shows from L to R: Wendy (Jane Horrocks), Maleek (Samson Kayo). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

When his usual partner phones in sick, maverick paramedic Maleek (Samson Kayo) is forced to work with happy-go-lucky Wendy (Jane Horrocks) during a shift neither of them will ever forget. The 8 minute short is written by Kayo and Nathan Bryon.

Sindhu Vee's Comedy Short

Sindhu Vee's Comedy Short. Image shows from L to R: Gita (Shelley Conn), Preeti (Sindhu Vee), James (Adam Leese), Ronnie (Jeff Mirza). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

When Preeti and her husband Ronnie arrive in England from India, their lives take a dramatic turn. While Ronnie embraces his new celibate Hindu lifestyle, Preeti seeks out a sordid affair.

Susan Wokoma's Comedy Short

Susan Wokoma's Comedy Short. Image shows from L to R: Young Joannah (Whitney O'Nicholas), Sally (Daisy May Cooper), Ann (Susan Wokoma). Copyright: Roughcut Television.

11-year-old Joanna tries to understand grief for the first time when she witnesses her mother's manic reaction to the death of Princess Diana, whilst trying to use the incident to get out of Sunday School. The episode also stars Whitney O'Nicholas, Yvette Boakye, Layo Christina Akinlude and Daisy May Cooper.

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