Scarfolk blog to be turned into TV comedy drama

Thursday 19th July 2018, 3:32pm

  • The cult hit dystopian blog Scarfolk Council is being turned into a TV series
  • Creator Richard Littler is working with Veep writer Will Smith on the format

A TV series is being developed around Scarfolk Council, Richard Littler's twisted blog about a 1970s North West England town that did not progress beyond 1979.

The comedy drama project is being developed by Littler alongside Damned and Veep writer Will Smith.

Scarfolk is described by producers as follows: "Emmy-winning writer Will Smith joins twisted visualist Richard Littler to adapt Littler's cult blog Welcome to Scarfolk. Scarfolk is a terrifyingly topical dystopian comedy drama that refracts the world as it is today through a horrifying kaleidoscope of 1970's culture and attitudes."

Launched five years ago, the Scarfolk Council blog has attracted widespread praise from readers and the media. It presents news updates from the fictional town via photoshopped public information material, all of which have a dark undertone. Content has included a poster warning against illegal resurrections and a leaflet explaining how joining the fire service is now mandatory for those under 7 years old.

In 2014, the linked book Discovering Scarfolk was published, which told the story of a family trapped in the town.

Earlier in the same year, the Evening Standard accidently published an article which included the cover of a fictional Scarfolk book titled Eating Children: Population Control & The Food Crisis.

Scarfolk is currently in the development phase. It is one of a number of projects announced by the newly founded production company Hare And Tortoise.

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