Sally Phillips curates The Rules

Thursday 17th May 2018, 5:37pm

  • Sally Phillips is to host a new comedy about modern life
  • The Rules will see her and "resident rule-maker" Jayde Adams chatting with guests
  • They aim to establish a new set of rules "for 21st Century Britain to live by"
Sally Phillips.

Sally Phillips is to host a new television comedy pilot.

Described as satirical, the programme - The Rules - will see Phillips and guests mull over various aspects of modern life. She will be joined by guests including Jayde Adams in the pilot, who will become her "resident rule-maker" if a full series is ordered.

The pilot is not intended for broadcast at this stage. Producers explain: "Together with her guests, Sally will curate a new set of rules for 21st Century Britain to live by.

"With Brexit on the horizon, Trump in the White House and Danny Dyer related to royalty, The Rules of Life have been shredded, set on fire and trodden on. This show aims to re-write some new ones, all of which will be inspired by recent news."

Each programme will see two additional guests joining Adams and Phillips, "all of whom will be bringing with them one Golden Rule that they believe we should all embrace".

It has yet to be revealed which broadcaster the show is being pitched at. The pilot episode will be recorded at RADA Studios in Central London on Thursday 24th May. Tickets are now available

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