Steven Berkoff and Mark Hamill join Man Down Series 3

Tuesday 21st June 2016, 5:32pm

Man Down. Image shows from L to R: Emma (Jeany Spark), Brian (Mike Wozniak), Mum (Gwyneth Powell), Dan (Greg Davies), Nesta (Stephanie Cole), Jo (Roisin Conaty). Copyright: Avalon Television.

Greg Davies's sitcom Man Down returns to Channel 4 next month, with Steven Berkoff, Isy Suttie and Mark Hamill joining the cast.

The sitcom follows the life of child-like secondary school drama teacher Dan; his sweetly overbearing mother; his aunt, Nesta; plus friends Brian and Jo. The series is written by and stars Davies as Dan.

As reported last month, Blackadder and Maid Marian alumnus Sir Tony Robinson will also take a role in Series 3, playing a man dating Dan's mother.

Producers explain: "We rejoin Dan at a crossroads in his life - he knows he can't go on, he must do something. The Head Teacher sees right through Dan's incompetence in the classroom and, as such, he is facing a disciplinary and may lose the only thing he has left in life: his teaching job. This is compounded by the terrifying Eastern European caretaker (Berkoff) who makes covering his mistakes even more complicated. Should he ditch the teaching job he despises and follow his heart to a new adventure?

"Meanwhile his always-kind mother has a new man on the scene, Deadalus "Everyone calls me Daddy" (Robinson), who is most certainly up to no good, but Dan just can't prove it. If he's looking for support from his two friends he won't have much luck, as Jo (Roisin Conaty) is still happily chasing one obviously-doomed, not to mention completely harebrained project after another, whilst straight-laced Brian (Mike Wozniak), increasingly frustrated by his idiot friends, is also coming to terms with life as a single man.

"Still around to offer a firm guiding hand, as well as regularly putting the cat amongst the pigeons, is Aunt Nesta (Stephanie Cole OBE)... but will this be enough to ease Dan onto the right path and help him avoid complete humiliation? Probably not, no."

The characters played by Isy Suttie and Mark Hamill have yet to be revealed.

Below is a preview clip from the new series, which is due to begin on Channel 4 on Wednesday 13th July.

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