Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width. Image shows from L to R: Emmanuel 'Manny' Cohen (John Bluthal), Patrick Kelly (Joe Lynch).

Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width

ITV sitcom about a pair of tailors. 40 episodes (pilot + 6 series), 1967 - 1971. Stars John Bluthal, Joe Lynch, Bernard Spear, Cyril Shaps and others.

Series 6

1. Manny Cohen RIP

First broadcast: Tuesday 3rd August 1971

Manny undergoes a minor operation at the local Jewish hospital, and the result is grave for Kelly and Lewtas ...


2. Romeo Cohen And Juliet Weinberg

First broadcast: Tuesday 10th August 1971

The path of true love does not always run smooth, but Manny Cohen is resolved to rattle down it when he falls madly in love with the fair Sylvia Weinberg. Among the largest obstacles in the path is her Papa, one of the richest men in Whitechapel. He doesn't exactly relish the idea of a tailor as his son-in-law. And that's why Patrick and Lewtas find themselves assisting in an elopement ...


3. Holiday With Kosher Strings

First broadcast: Tuesday 17th August 1971

After deciding to pool their money for one good and one bad, instead of taking two cheap, holidays, Manny and Patrick have to draw lots to see who will be the lucky recipient of the luxury getaway.


4. There's No Smoke Without Fire

First broadcast: Tuesday 24th August 1971

Things are desperate - a depression has hit the tailoring business and even the priest and the rabbi have stopped ordering suits. In an effort to whip up trade, Cohen and Kelly try advertising - without success - so Patrick resorts to arson ...


5. Weavers To Wearers

First broadcast: Tuesday 31st August 1971

Manny and Patrick expand the business and introduce ladies' tailoring. They make a suit for the Rabbi's niece but, although the suit is perfect, they fall down on the delivery ...


6. Daylight Robbery

First broadcast: Tuesday 7th September 1971

Burglary is a booming business in Whitechapel, so when Lewtas and his wife go off for a sunshine cruise on SS Shalom, they ask Patrick and Manny to keep an eye on their property. It proves to be an unwise move, and soon things are going bump in the night.


7. Mix Me A Marriage

First broadcast: Tuesday 14th September 1971

Patrick finds a baby on the doorstep ...


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