Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width. Image shows from L to R: Emmanuel 'Manny' Cohen (John Bluthal), Patrick Kelly (Joe Lynch).

Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width

ITV sitcom about a pair of tailors. 40 episodes (pilot + 6 series), 1967 - 1971. Stars John Bluthal, Joe Lynch, Bernard Spear, Cyril Shaps and others.

Series 1

1. Cohen & Kelly

First broadcast: Saturday 25th November 1967

Cohen nearly loses an order and Kelly gains a victory.


2. Not So Much A Sanctuary, More A Penance

First broadcast: Saturday 2nd December 1967

Cohen and Kelly discover that honesty is the best policy.


3. Remember That Thou Keep Holy

First broadcast: Saturday 9th December 1967

Cohen and Kelly join forces and break a commandment.


4. Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone

First broadcast: Saturday 16th December 1967

Cohen cuts short Kelly's ambitions to win the tailors' cup.


5. Leopards Can't Change Their Spots

First broadcast: Saturday 23rd December 1967

Cohen is converted and Jelly goes kosher.


6. A Flower Of Israel

First broadcast: Saturday 30th December 1967

Cohen makes like a peacock and Kelly gets the bird.