My Hero. Image shows from L to R: Janet Dawkins (Emily Joyce), George Sunday (Ardal O'Hanlon). Copyright: Big Bear Films.

My Hero

BBC One sitcom about a super hero. 52 episodes (6 series), 2000 - 2006. Stars Ardal O'Hanlon, James Dreyfus, Emily Joyce, Geraldine McNulty and others.

Series 6

1. Footloose

First broadcast: Friday 21st July 2006

Money has been tight since the closure of the health shop where George worked, and he's taken to busking outside the Health Centre. He does, however, have a possible alternative to their financial worries as he intends to play in a poker game on Ultron. Janet hopes he won't lose his shirt!


2. Here's One I Made Earlier

First broadcast: Friday 28th July 2006

The children unsettle Janet by talking in tongues that even George, despite his super-powers, can't understand. She tells him she needs time to get accustomed to his new body before accepting him as her husband. This sets him thinking and he disappears into the bathroom... only to re-appear as a woman in the hope that he can better understand her female psyche.


3. My Kingdom For A Cat

First broadcast: Friday 4th August 2006

Having developed an allergy to Ella's new cat, Stan pays George a surgery visit and is given a prescription. Ella comes to collect Stan and is convinced that George is Janet's same old idiot husband in all but appearances. He is quite pleased by this and is hurt that Janet still can't accept him as readily.


4. Sidekick

First broadcast: Friday 11th August 2006

George and a blackened Janet return from what he thinks has been a romantic evening - flying over an active volcano! She says still needs more time alone with George to get to know him again, but their ensuing chat is interrupted by a ship's disaster and George must fly.


5. Not For Prophet

First broadcast: Friday 18th August 2006

George as Thermoman resurrects Ollie's pet spider - only to kill it again as he is scared of them! Janet is trying to get baby daughter Cassie into the church nursery and has invited the local Vicar and her parents around for tea. However, George ruins everything by saying he thinks Satan is fantastic and much better than drippy angels and disciples.


6. Dermoman

First broadcast: Friday 25th August 2006

George has been caught breaking the speed limit by the Ultronian Police, having been flying faster than light, and has to re-sit his superhero theory test. Janet tells him he has to pass, otherwise he will lose his licence and get sent back to Ultron. Tyler blames Janet for George's vigour as she has been making him sleep on the couch, but to help him burn off his excess energy she simply suggests George joins a gym. He deems this a good idea and thinks oiling up his pecs might win him Janet's favour.


7. Top Of The Table

First broadcast: Friday 1st September 2006

Old George's position as second-best superhero in the Galaxy has prompted new George, with Arnie's help, to market Thermoman-branded merchandise, including Thermo-suits and loo rolls! George hopes that the new Superhero Assessment of Total Saves league table will prove that he is the same George and that Janet will therefore accept him as her husband.


8. Believe!

First broadcast: Friday 8th September 2006

George has been a one-man wrecking ball all week as his super-powers seem to have deserted him. He has even dropped a Bavarian village whilst saving it from a mudslide thus destroying three other villages. Janet insists he sorts himself out, but he doesn't know what is wrong and hopes it's just a temporary blip. However, he then playfully throws baby daughter Cassie up into the air - and thru' the ceiling!


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