My Hero. Image shows from L to R: Janet Dawkins (Emily Joyce), George Sunday (Ardal O'Hanlon). Copyright: Big Bear Films.

My Hero

BBC One sitcom about a super hero. 52 episodes (6 series), 2000 - 2006. Stars Ardal O'Hanlon, James Dreyfus, Emily Joyce, Geraldine McNulty and others.

Series 5

1. The Foresight Saga

First broadcast: Friday 7th January 2005

George and Janet's second child is born brandishing Janet's appendix. Apart from being able to talk she possesses a very special gift - the ability to predict the future. This proves a mixed blessing, however, when baby Cassie foresees the imminent death of everyone in the Northern Hemisphere. The pressure is on Thermoman to avert catastrophe.


2. Illegal Aliens

First broadcast: Friday 14th January 2005

After a bust up with a patient, (who also happens to be an immigration officer), George and Arnie find themselves under investigation. Without documentation proving their right to stay in the country the situation seems hopeless, until Tyler has an unexpected stroke of genius.


3. The First Husbands Club

First broadcast: Friday 21st January 2005

George wants to be more assertive, but when he joins Piers' men's group, things go too far. Whipped up into a frenzy, George decides to use his superpowers to get his own way, and very odd things start happening to the women of Northolt...


4. Cassie Come Home

First broadcast: Friday 28th January 2005

Ella is training to be a magistrate. She's also convinced that Janet and George are bad parents and uses her new ju-dicial power to take the children away. There seems to be nothing that George and Janet can do, until Ollie decides to take matters into his own hands...


5. Nothing To Hide

First broadcast: Friday 4th February 2005

When the priceless Mona Lisa is discovered in the Sundays' flat, George is arrested. To save him from jail a plan is hatched to steal the painting back and replace it with a fake, but things go from bad to worse when Stanley puts a hole right through the real Mona Lisa's face...


6. Brain Drain

First broadcast: Friday 11th February 2005

In a bid to rid people's minds of prejudice and bad thoughts, George decides to electronically filter their minds. But of course things go far from smoothly......Why has Janet turned up for work in overalls? What is Tyler doing attending to the patients? Why is Piers dressed in a nurses uniform? And who's that singing Britney Spears in the Nurse's Room?


7. Fear And Clothing

First broadcast: Friday 18th February 2005

Even superheroes get scared, but when George becomes a nervous wreck around Friday 13th, the consequences are unsettling for everyone. While Piers and Mrs Raven plot their latest money-laundering scam, Arnie is worried that Thermoman's days may be numbered.


8. How Green Was My Ollie?

First broadcast: Friday 25th February 2005

Thermoman finds his popularity fading as he is held responsible for global warming, owing to the heat created by his flying around the world ! With a hate mob on his back, he's forced to take drastic measures to prove that the planet is safe in his hands.


9. Big Bother

First broadcast: Friday 18th March 2005

Janet is fuming when she discovers that George has been secretly filming her for the Ultronian reality show 'Ther-mowatch'. With the camera in his right eye, George is so preoccupied with his new career he doesn't notice when the producers turn the tables on him and he ends up in Reality TV hell.


10. Night Fever

First broadcast: Friday 25th March 2005

George is having nightmares - something completely unknown to an Ultronian - but they are so vivid he's loosing his grip on reality. Things are becoming increasingly weird, then George makes the announcement that he is leaving Janet for Mrs Raven...has he gone totally mad?


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