My Hero. Image shows from L to R: Janet Dawkins (Emily Joyce), George Sunday (Ardal O'Hanlon). Copyright: Big Bear Films.

My Hero

BBC One sitcom about a super hero. 52 episodes (6 series), 2000 - 2006. Stars Ardal O'Hanlon, James Dreyfus, Emily Joyce, Geraldine McNulty and others.

Series 3

1. Baby Talk

First broadcast: Friday 7th June 2002

Life is becoming increasingly stressful for George and Janet Sunday. Keeping George's alter ego secret from Janet's parents is difficult enough but with a new baby in the house who, to put it mildly, takes after George rather more than Janet, it is becoming impossible.


2. Zero Tolerance

First broadcast: Friday 14th June 2002

Life at the health centre takes an unexpected turn when a desperate man turns up waving a gun and demanding access to the drugs cabinet.


3. Pet Rescue

First broadcast: Friday 21st June 2002

Ella and Stanley have the decorators in, so Janet has volunteered to look after their dog, Biggles--much to George's disgust. However, George is determined to overcome his aversion and bond with the mutt.


4. The Older Man

First broadcast: Friday 28th June 2002

It's George's birthday and, at 327 years old, he's a mere spring chicken in Planet Ultron terms. But the lease on George's earthly body has run out and he's starting to look his real age rather rapidly.


5. Puttin' On The Writs

First broadcast: Friday 5th July 2002

It's just an ordinary morning in a supermarket car-park - until Mrs. Raven has a run-in with a stack of wayward trolleys and is tipped over the edge of the multi-storey building. It's ThermoMan to the rescue--but when he refuses Mrs R's kind offer of Battenberg cake in return for saving her life, retribution is swift!


6. Shock, Horror!

First broadcast: Friday 12th July 2002

Baby Ollie has a temperature so George, instead of concentrating on saving the world, keeps zooming back to the flat to check on the baby. But all this dashing about is making George careless and it's not too long before an unscrupulous journalist takes advantage of the situation and obtains pictures of George in his Thermoman guise... Suddenly it's all over the papers that Janet is having an affair with Thermoman.


7. Little Green Man

First broadcast: Friday 2nd August 2002

Janet thinks George is taking her for granted. After all, most husbands would react rather badly after discovering their wife in a compromising position with the handy man...George's response is merely 'Why should I be jealous of a human when I can do it 15 times a night?' But it's not long before George succumbs to jealousy.


8. Mine's A Double

First broadcast: Friday 9th August 2002

George has to attend a Super-Heroics Conference which means leaving Janet at home alone, minding the baby. In their wisdom, the Ultron Council provides a "George clone" with the unlikely name of Hilary to keep Janet company. But while Hilary looks just like the real thing, his character couldn't be more different...


9. A Little Learning

First broadcast: Friday 16th August 2002

George is devastated when Ella and Stanley ban him from their 40th wedding anniversary party. The situation calls for some drastic action. Admittedly George's attempts to make new friends via the calling cards in telephone booths backfire somewhat but when he obtains some magic pork scratchings which increase his brain power, miraculous effects occur.


10. A Day To Remember

First broadcast: Friday 23rd August 2002

It's a bad day for Planet Earth when George accidentally erases his own memory, to the extent he can't remember who ThermoMan is, let alone that he is ThermoMan. For Janet it's a dream come true. George turns into a model husband who volunteers to change nappies and take Ollie for strolls in the park - a first in the Sunday household!


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