My Hero. Image shows from L to R: Janet Dawkins (Emily Joyce), George Sunday (Ardal O'Hanlon). Copyright: Big Bear Films.

My Hero

BBC One sitcom about a super hero. 52 episodes (6 series), 2000 - 2006. Stars Ardal O'Hanlon, James Dreyfus, Emily Joyce, Geraldine McNulty and others.

Series 2

Comic Relief Special: My Super Hero

First broadcast: Friday 16th March 2001

A Comic Relief Special from My Hero.


1. Parents

First broadcast: Monday 14th May 2001

George ruins Janet's parents' amateur dramatic performance by shouting out as if it's a panto, so Janet tries to deflect their anger by telling them the truth - that he is really superhero Thermoman. Although Janet's mum and dad now love him, life gets more complicated when everyone knows, particularly when Mrs Raven tries to offer him her body.


2. Girlfriend

First broadcast: Monday 21st May 2001

Disaster strikes at the heart of Thermoman's domestic bliss when his long-lost fiancée, Xil, arrives from Ultron. Janet is horrified to learn that George is bound by Ultron law to marry Xil, but she is determined not to lose her man. George's cunning plans to dissuade Xil don't work, neither do Janet's woman-to-woman powers of persuasion. All seems lost, until Janet makes a discovery...


3. Car

First broadcast: Monday 28th May 2001

Thermonan's defrocked superhero cousin, Arnie, wants his powers back. George agrees to intercede with the Ultron High Council on condition that Arnie behaves himself and will take care of saving the world while George saves up for a car for Janet. Sadly though, temptation is too much for Arnie, and when he steals the Crown Jewels things have to revert to the way they were. But Janet still gets her car in the end...


4. Nemesis

First broadcast: Monday 4th June 2001

A vengeful school mate, Rovi, comes to Earth intent on making George (aka Thermoman) miserable. First he takes over Piers' body and makes Janet fall in love with him. Then he takes over as the world's superhero. In a desperate attempt to win Janet back,Thermoman issues the terible challenge of Chang-Ching. Can he defeat Rovi/Piers and win back Janet's love?


5. Pregnant

First broadcast: Monday 11th June 2001

When Janet discovers she is pregnant,Thermoman is over the moon and gives her special powers to protect herself and the unborn baby. Janet isn't keen at first, but as she gets used to being a superhero she is even better at it than Thermoman!


6. Wedding

First broadcast: Monday 18th June 2001

Janet's dad is insisting that her baby be born in wedlock, and Thermoman's bosses on Ultron are of the same mind. But as usual things don't go smoothly for the world's favourite superhero as the baby starts to arrive during the marriage ceremony.


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