Mr. Sloane. Mr Sloane (Nick Frost)
Mr. Sloane

Mr. Sloane

  • TV sitcom
  • Sky Atlantic
  • 2014
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

Romantic comedy series in which Nick Frost plays a buttoned-down 1960s man in crisis. Created by Curb Your Enthusiasm's Robert B Weide. Stars Nick Frost, Olivia Colman, Ophelia Lovibond, Peter Serafinowicz, Lawry Lewin and Brendan Patricks

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Series 1, Episode 4

Jeremy breaks out of his comfort zone by joining Robin at a trendy nightclub, but not before he's given a pair of school bullies a taste of their own medicine.

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Mr. Sloane. Image shows from L to R: Janet (Olivia Colman), Mr Sloane (Nick Frost). Copyright: Whyaduck Productions / Big Talk Productions

"I hope you don't end up a bitter old man, regretting your missed opportunities" is a phrase uttered more than once to Mr Sloane this week as he attempts to let go of his timid past and break out of his comfort zone.

From the outset, both he and Robin can't help but reflect on the breakdown of their previous relationships. Jeremy's wife Janet grew tired of his structured, unspontaneous routine while Robin left everything behind in San Francisco to try and make it big in the swinging London music scene, only to be cheated on by her wannabe rock star boyfriend.

Unfortunately for Jeremy, his teaching career becomes as moribund as his marriage when he attempts to stamp out some bullying by giving the miscreants a taste of their own medicine; a bold, impulsive tactic which earns him the sack. But this act of rebellion ignites within him a newfound self-assurance and when Robin takes him to a trendy nightclub, he even finds it within himself to do the unthinkable: dance.

When Robin bumps into her ex and Jeremy encounters his old school crush Nancy (who also happens to be his mate Reggie's ex-wife), the night takes an unexpectedly wild, not to mention romantic turn.

Broadcast details

Friday 13th June 2014
Sky Atlantic
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Saturday 14th June 2014 10:10pm Sky Atlantic
Monday 16th June 2014 11:50pm Sky Atlantic
Tuesday 17th June 2014 10:40pm Sky Atlantic
Thursday 19th June 2014 12:00am Sky Atlantic
Tuesday 3rd February 2015 12:50am Sky Atlantic
Monday 23rd November 2015 9:00pm Sky Atlantic

Cast & crew

Nick Frost Mr Sloane
Olivia Colman Janet
Ophelia Lovibond Robin
Peter Serafinowicz Ross
Lawry Lewin Beans
Brendan Patricks Reggie
Guest cast
Valerie Lilley Mrs. Wyndham
Bradley Ford Kevin
Finley Jury Brian
Conor O'Mara Luke
Guy Siner Mr. Whitmore
Harvey Walsh Gerald
Oliver Brook-Barry Young Sloane
Cameron Farrelly Young Ross
Tina Heath Teacher
William Hoyland Dancing Man
Michael Malarkey Craig
William Nye Young Reggie
Miles Roughley Young Beans
Belinda Stewart-Wilson Nancy
Loretta Walsh Young Nany
Frederick Warder Bookshop Owner
Writing team
Robert B. Weide Writer
Aschlin Ditta Writer (Additional Material)
Oliver Lansley Writer (Additional Material)
Sara Pascoe Writer (Additional Material)
Oliver Lansley Writer
Production team
Robert B. Weide Director
Clelia Mountford Producer
Kenton Allen Executive Producer
Lucy Lumsden Executive Producer
Robert B. Weide Executive Producer
Nick Frost Executive Producer
Matthew Justice Executive Producer
Daniel Gethic Editor
Dennis De Groot Production Designer


Episode 4 Clip

A flashback to one of Jeremy's birthdays, at which point he was still married to Janet.

Featuring: Nick Frost (Mr Sloane) & Olivia Colman (Janet).

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