Moving Wallpaper. Image shows from L to R: Jonathan Pope (Ben Miller), Sam Phillips (Lucy Liemann). Copyright: Kudos Productions.

Moving Wallpaper

ITV sitcom / comedy drama about making TV. 18 episodes (2 series), 2008 - 2009. Stars Ben Miller, Lucy Liemann, James Lance, Dave Lamb and others.

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I caught the last episode of Moving Wallpaper last night, having missed the middle three episodes. It was quite enjoyable, too. Ben Miller's the main reason to watch as egomaniac producer Jonathan Pope (even if he plays it all much, much broader than everyone else), but that's a small complaint.

It's just a shame ITV didn't have the confidence to follow Moving Wallpaper's finale with a full-length, televised pilot with decent production values.

Dan Owen, Dan's Media Digest, 3rd April 2009

It's wrap party time at last for the pilot of zombie thriller Renaissance and, as ever, discontent and bitchiness continue to bubble under the surface. Punch-ups, misunderstandings and a visit from the police punctuate this last episode of the savagely funny parody of the TV business.

Metro, 3rd April 2009

We seem to be making rather a habit of recommending shows that are about to get canned - for that surely will be the fate of this ambitious satire that is pulling less than 2 million viewers in prime scheduling real estate. It's a shame: it's no 30 Rock, but because we're London media twots, we always like the concept of a behind-the-scenes TV show. Then again, the trials of making a terrible series about zombies is... less good. But, hey, Jim from Neighbours pops up, and Ben Miller is great value as the despicable TV producer. Kelly Brook, though, seems to struggle to play herself in real-life, let alone a version of herself, and is amusingly bad. Thanks for popping in, Moving Wallpaper.

TV Bite, 3rd April 2009

Ofcom investigates Moving Wallpaper 'transphobia' row

Ofcom is investigating more than 50 complaints alleging that ITV1 comedy Moving Wallpaper was offensive to transsexuals.

Robin Parker, Broadcast, 1st April 2009

Moving Wallpaper takes zombie show to

ITV1 comedy Moving Wallpaper will "take over" the homepage at the climax of the series, with 12 minutes of the show-within-a-show, Renaissance, debuting online.

Robin Parker, Broadcast, 25th March 2009

Ben Miller stars as put-upon producer Jonathan Pope in this satirical sitcom. Well, we don't care much for the portrayal of the writers on Jonathan Pope's new project, zombie thriller Renaissance, because they're little more than quivering bags of ego and paranoia. So much so, that when a new writer on higher pay joins the team, they down tools like French truckers on a Friday. You wouldn't catch us... What's that, our Hob Nob budget's been slashed again? Everybody out!

What's On TV, 20th March 2009

I was thoroughly disappointed to see the ratings for last week's opening episode in this new series of the highly watchable sitcom. A rating of 2.12 million doesn't bode well for tonight's ratings or a third series. Shame really, as it's great fun and always worth it for Ben Miller as TV producer Jonathan Pope.

Mark Wright, The Stage, 6th March 2009

Friday-night comedies are on a winning streak at the moment, thanks in large part to a move away from those dire gag-driven sitcoms with their deafening laughter tracks that are so beloved at the BBC. Tonight's episode of Moving Wallpaper is as funny as ever, with the producer (Ben Miller) trying to convince American moneymen to co-fund ITV's first-ever zombie series.

David Chater, The Times, 6th March 2009

While definitely entertaining, this comedy just seems to lack the kick, insight and inventiveness that similar shows (like 30 Rock) achieve much easier. I'm also not sure a traditional ITV audience will get the joke (or be that interested in zombies), while the audience tuning in for Kelly Brook and horror-tinged comedy will probably find Moving Wallpaper rather toothless. Still, for an ITV comedy, this is already their best attempt in years.

Dan Owen, news:lite, 1st March 2009

Like 30 Rock and the much-missed Studio 60..., Moving Wallpaper is a hard sell to a mass audience, despite the fact that it's sharp, funny and very watchable. It's just sharp and funny about the business of making TV, which non-media smug types find about as entertaining as Parents Of The Band. Shame - but this retooled second series stands a better chance of succeeding, freed as it is from the albatross of Echo Beach. This time, outrageous TV producer Jonathan Pope (Ben Miller) is tasked with siring a pilot for a zombie series - starring Kelly Brook and Alan Dale. Brilliant! Highly recommended.

Mark Wright, The Stage, 27th February 2009

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