Julia Davis.

Morning Has Broken

TV sitcom project which was not made. Stars Julia Davis, Nick Mohammed and David Schwimmer.

This comedy has never been broadcast.

Morning Has Broken

Black comedy about the collapse of a daytime TV star's personal and work lives at once

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Channel 4
1 Pilot
Julia Davis, Nick Mohammed and David Schwimmer
Julia Davis and Nick Mohammed
Dan Clark
Gary Reich

Gail Sinclair is the host of a popular daily television programme, Good Morning... with Gail Sinclair.

Dubbed the 'Queen of Daytime', things begin to go wrong for Sinclair when, after eight glorious years of high ratings and winning awards, the programme begins to lose viewers and tensions break out within the production team.

Gail's home life is no better, having separated from husband Craig and currently undergoing relationship counselling with little success; whilst their 14-year old daughter, Christina, bears the brunt of her mother's frustrations about age, weight and youthfulness.

Morning Has Broken follows the rise and fall of Gail Sinclair and her attempts to desperately hang onto her power and popularity. It's a show less about the making of television and more about the relationships between a group of co-workers who, everyday, are under the immense pressure to deliver topical, meaningful content in the world of current affairs, lifestyle, medical issues and showbiz.

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