Morgan Spurlock's New Britannia. Morgan Spurlock. Copyright: Thumbs Up Productions / Warrior Poets.

Morgan Spurlock's New Britannia

Sky Atlantic comedy. 10 episodes (1 series) in 2012. Stars Morgan Spurlock.

Press Clippings

The best thing about Morgan Spurlock's new series is the witty and personable Spurlock. Less effective is the format, which picks apart a different aspect of British culture in each episode - this week explores our eating habits. Yes, it's funny in parts, but British food is an easy target, and one of the "surveys" bad-mouthing our cuisine is based on the website TripAdvisor, whose own reputation has been looking a bit shaky recently. To be fair, diet is as much a target as our food, with Britain and the US being "two of the fattest nations in the world", and Spurlock at least has the good grace to mock US cuisine too.

Simon Horsford, The Telegraph, 8th April 2012