The Michael McIntyre Chat Show. Michael McIntyre. Copyright: Open Mike Productions.

The Michael McIntyre Chat Show

BBC One chat show. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2014. Stars Michael McIntyre.

Press Clippings

BBC orders a second series of Michael McIntyre's Chat Show

The BBC has ordered a second series of Michael McIntyre's chat show. The stand-up comedian will return to BBC One later in the year for more episodes.

British Comedy Guide, 12th April 2014

Don't write Michael McIntyre off as a host just yet

The comedian may not have stormed the ratings with his first show, but he gets big guests and is improving fast - a recipe for success.

Mark Jefferies, Radio Times, 28th March 2014

BBC says Michael McIntyre's show has made a 'fantastic start'

Mark Linsey, Controller, Entertainment Commissioning says: "We're delighted that The Michael McIntyre Chat Show has made such a fantastic start."

British Comedy Guide, 25th March 2014

The Michael McIntyre Chat Show: where did it go wrong?

The producers of the comedian's ailing show are clearly trying to revamp it to play to his strengths. What do Graham Norton and Jonathan Ross have that he doesn't?

Mark Lawson, The Guardian, 25th March 2014

Michael McIntyre Chat Show facing axe

The Michael McIntyre Chat Show reportedly won't be returning to screens after its current run ends.

Sarah Deen, Metro, 24th March 2014

Is this proof the TV chat show is dead?

It takes experience and steel nerves to control a difficult interviewee. The problem is, Michael McIntyre is not a journalist. He's a family comedian, as abrasive as a butterball.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 21st March 2014

Stop hating on Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre's new chat show is losing viewers perhaps because of his 'ego', but Ava Vidal wants to know what's wrong with having a good sense of self-esteem? Far better that than being crippled by self-doubt.

Ava Vidal, The Telegraph, 21st March 2014

Although I knew the programme was coming, I did feel that it received very little in the way of promotion before it aired last Monday. I have to say I didn't expect much going in, primarily as it was placed in the dreaded 10:35 slot for shows that BBC One aren't that proud of. To his credit McIntyre proved to be an endearing presence, as he often is, although he really didn't ask his guests that many probing questions.

I did feel that the programme was better depending on the quality of the guest, so to me it was at its best when Sir Terry Wogan appeared and reached a lull by the time we got to Lord Sugar.

One of the things that irritated me the most about McIntyre was the fact that he continually broke the fourth wall, whether that was to inform Lily Allen that somebody was talking to him in his ear or the pre-credit sequence in which we saw him talk to the audience ahead of the show itself. In fact McIntyre seemed more at home addressing the audience than he did when he was forced to go into chat show host mode.

His interactions with the crowd provided the funniest moments especially when he played the first ever round of 'Send to All'.

Though not as bad as some celebrity-fronted chat shows, especially the one that Allen herself hosted, I don't think that McIntyre really suits the chat show format in a way that others such as Alan Carr and Graham Norton do. Thankfully his likeability shines through which doesn't make watching the programme a chore, but at the same time I don't think I'd ever choose to watch it again.

The Custard TV, 17th March 2014

The Michael McIntyre Chat Show review

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that The Michael McIntyre Chat Show needs some work. It appears at the minute that the host is stuck between two worlds: Chat and Observation.

Matthew McLane, UK TV Reviewer, 11th March 2014

The Michael McIntyre Chat Show review

This show was trailed by a BBC announcer saying, "Stepping into the shoes of the chat-show greats..." but on the evidence of this first outing Michael McIntyre is good at being chirpy and making slurping noises, but not much else.

Veronica Lee, The Arts Desk, 11th March 2014