Micawber. Wilkins Micawber (David Jason). Copyright: Yorkshire Television.


ITV comedy drama. 4 episodes (1 series), 2001 - 2002. Stars David Jason, Annabelle Apsion, Lucinda Dryzek, Andrew Quigley, Michael Troughton, Sam Kelly, Martin Wimbush and Heather Cameron.

Micawber - Complete Series One

Micawber - Complete Series One

This title collects all four episodes of the television mini-series Micawber, which stars David Jason as Wilkins Micawber, a character originally created by Charles Dickens.

A proud family man, Micawber is determined to keep up appearances despite having a number of debts. In a bid to change is situation he takes on a number of unlikely, and ill conceived career opportunities.

First released: Monday 11th June 2007