Man Down. Dan (Greg Davies). Copyright: Avalon Television.

Man Down

Channel 4 sitcom about a man struggling to grow up. 26 episodes (4 series), 2013 - 2017. Stars Greg Davies, Roisin Conaty, Mike Wozniak, Gwyneth Powell and others.

Series 2

1. Perfect Woman

First broadcast: Monday 1st June 2015

Dan is still trapped in a teaching job he despises and rejected by the girl he thinks will solve everything, Miss Lipsey, so he turns his attentions to self-improvement.

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2. Kindness

First broadcast: Monday 8th June 2015

When a rival teacher and, more importantly, a rival for Miss Lipsey's affections delivers a smash-hit school assembly for Community Week, Dan conspires to top it all with a brilliant assembly of his own involving his drama class and a war veteran. Jo is exploring her artistic side, while Nesta favours an upset Brian over her idiotic nephew.


3. Diversity

First broadcast: Monday 15th June 2015

Dan is sent on a diversity course after alarming headmistress Miss Lipsey, the ongoing target of his clumsy advances, with his complete lack of political correctness. After dragging an injured Brian into his idiotic plans, Dan's 'diversity buddy' proves more helpful than he could have possibly imagined.

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Man Down. Dan (Greg Davies). Copyright: Avalon Television.

4. The Phant

First broadcast: Monday 22nd June 2015

A big-bottomed guru returns to Dan's life to try to help him through the past trauma.

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Man Down. Dan (Greg Davies). Copyright: Avalon Television.

5. Dennis

First broadcast: Monday 29th June 2015

Dan - primarily motivated by impressing Miss Lipsey - volunteers to look after Dennis for a weekend.

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Man Down. Image shows from L to R: Brian (Mike Wozniak), Jo (Roisin Conaty), Dan (Greg Davies). Copyright: Avalon Television.

6. The Heath

First broadcast: Monday 6th July 2015

Jo announces she's marrying a digger-driving rapper from 'pagan backwater' the Heath.

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