Maid Marian And Her Merry Men. Image shows from L to R: Maid Marian (Kate Lonergan), The Sheriff of Nottingham (Tony Robinson), Robin (Adam Morris). Copyright: BBC.

Maid Marian And Her Merry Men

BBC One sitcom about Robin Hood and friends. 26 episodes (4 series), 1989 - 1994. Stars Kate Lonergan, Tony Robinson, Adam Morris, Danny John-Jules and others.

Maid Marian And Her Merry Men - The Complete Series Two

Maid Marian And Her Merry Men - The Complete Series Two

Who steals from the rich to give to the poor? Who is the last bastion of truth, freedom and goodness for the peasants of Worksop? Who really gets up the Sheriff of Nottingham's big nose? Robin of Sherwood? No, he'd rather hide under trees to avoid any bruising to his perfect face or creasing of his lovely, non-catalogue, green outfit. Contrary to popular belief, it was Marian - strong, brave, blonde and bossy - who led the merry men. That would be the merry, lethargic, witless and everso slightly incompetent men!

All six episodes from the second series on DVD with bonuses and booklet written by series creator, star and writer Tony Robinson.

First released: Monday 24th July 2006

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  • Released: Wednesday 4th November 2015
  • Distributor: BBC Worldwide

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