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Pilot, Episode 1 - Admin

Sitcom pilot about a group of post room workers in a no-win-no-fee law firm who drive their bosses and each other to distraction. There's a promotion up for grabs and slimy Darrel tries to impress Mike, the boss, and bag the job. Meanwhile Tania is pregnant and confronts Danny, one of five possible dads.

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Lunch Monkeys. Image shows from L to R: Darrel Wadsworth (Chris Hannon), Kenny Graham (Christian Foster), Shelley Benson (Rachel Rae), Asif Khan (Abdullah Afzal), Tania MacGuire (Jessica Hall). Copyright: Channel K / BBC

Straight out of school into a job they don't want, Darrel, Kenny, Asif, Shelley and Tania are looked down on by the solicitors they work for. All they want is to kill seven hours a day and earn a bit of cash. Their team leader, Gloria, has been at the company for years. She thinks she runs the place, but in reality she drives everyone mad, particularly Mike the long-suffering Supervising Solicitor.

Darrel wants to be Mike's right hand man; Gloria wants to be his right hand woman. Mike just wants the post to go out on time... dream on!

A promotion is up for grabs which has divided the team. Asif pretends to be a hotshot lawyer to his Dad (when really he's just chief photocopier) and Tania reveals she is pregnant - but which of the legal team is the father?

Meanwhile indie kid Kenny scuppers his chances with jazz-loving brief Lee Ann, following an unfortunate altercation with a saxophone.

Broadcast details

Monday 12th May 2008
BBC Three
30 minutes

Cast & crew

Abdullah Afzal Asif Khan
Chris Hannon Darrel Wadsworth
Christian Foster Kenny Graham
Jessica Hall Tania MacGuire
Rachel Rae Shelley Benson
Sian Reeves Gloria Stevens
Guest cast
Neil Fitzmaurice Mike Wakeham
Kulvinder Ghir Mohammed Khan (Asif's Dad)
Mohammed Rafique Mr. Ahmed
Chereen Buckley Le-Ann Brown
Jarrod Cooke Danny Wilkinson
Peter Slater Mr. Jordan
Semira Ghahhary Receptionist
Writing team
David Isaac Writer
Production team
Michael Buffong Director
Matt Tiller Producer
Alan Marke Executive Producer
Jon Mountague Executive Producer
David Cresswell Editor
Janet Hampson Casting Director
Gavin Lewis Production Designer

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