Love On A Branch Line. Jasper Pye (Michael Maloney). Copyright: DLT Entertainment Ltd..

Love On A Branch Line

BBC One comedy drama about a civil servant. 4 episodes (1 series) in 1994. Stars Michael Maloney, Leslie Phillips, Maria Aitken, Graham Crowden and others.

Series 1

1. Yes Sir, That's My Baby

First broadcast: Sunday 12th June 1994

It is 1957. Unassuming Ministry of Information civil servant Jasper Pye is sent to Arcady Hall in Norfolk to report on the long-overlooked Department of Output Statistics, housed there for the past 17 years with a staff of just three.


2. I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight

First broadcast: Sunday 19th June 1994

Arcady Hall and its unconventional inhabitants continue to work their magic on prim and proper civil servant Jasper Pye. But it is the amorous advances of "wicked" Belinda, inexperienced Matilda and already married Chloe that seem certain to make Pye forget his conventional behaviour, his staid morality and even the reason for his visit.


3. I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby

First broadcast: Sunday 26th June 1994

Jasper Pye is urgently needed for the annual village cricket match. But an unscheduled drinking bout threatens the day's play.


4. Ain't She Sweet

First broadcast: Sunday 3rd July 1994

The fate of Arcady Hall is sealed by a confession from Miss Mounsey. Jasper Pye finds the residents are more interested in the approaching village fete. As he faces the future, a twilight stroll gives the Arcady magic a chance to work once more.