Look Into My Eyes. Archie Manners. Copyright: Objective Productions.

Look Into My Eyes

Channel 4 sketch show pilot about a comic magician-hypnotist. 1 pilot in 2015. Stars Archie Manners, Naomi Hefter, Anna Morris and David Haye.

Press Clippings

Baby-faced 21-year-old close-up magician and hypnotist Archie Manners's shtick is that he's extraordinarily, almost impossibly posh. Having previously billed himself as "the society magician" at upscale parties and the like (according to his website, Prince Edward thinks he's "very good indeed"), Manners is now bringing his talents to Look Into My Eyes for E4. He uses his skills of hypnotism, persuasion and sleight of hand to bend the minds of both the public and a few celebs, including the former boxer David Haye.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 22nd September 2015

Man is hypnotised to smack himself

A boyfriend with a roaming eye has been exposed on a new E4 prank show at the hands of 21-year-old magician and hypnotist Archie Manner.

Danny Walker, The Mirror, 17th September 2015

Channel 4 orders hypnotic prank show pilot Look Into My Eyes

Channel 4 has ordered Look Into My Eyes, a comedic prank show pilot starring 21 year-old magician and hypnotist Archie Manners.

British Comedy Guide, 7th July 2015