London Irish. Image shows from L to R: Bronagh (Sinead Keenan), Conor (Kerr Logan), Packy (Peter Campion), Niamh (Kat Reagan). Copyright: Company Pictures.

London Irish

Channel 4 sitcom about London's Irish ex-pat community. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2013. Stars Sinead Keenan, Kat Reagan, Peter Campion, Kerr Logan and others.


Played by: Sinead Keenan
London Irish. Bronagh (Sinead Keenan). Copyright: Company Pictures.

Bronagh is Conor's older sister. She's just the opposite of him - she's very cynical, dark and fierce.

She has a tricky relationship with her brother who she views as an annoying useless eejit, and the fact that he's her parent's obvious favourite never fails to wind her up.

Bronagh comes across as very tough, but maybe she's just a little bit misunderstood.


Played by: Kat Reagan
London Irish. Niamh (Kat Reagan). Copyright: Company Pictures.

Niamh (pronounced 'Neve') is ambitious, despite not really having a talent for anything.

Full of self confidence, she is 'man mad' and loves a ride.

Niamh comes across as incredibly dizzy but also has the capacity to be shockingly ruthless if she doesn't get what she wants - she is very comfortable in her own skin.


Played by: Peter Campion
London Irish. Packy (Peter Campion). Copyright: Company Pictures.

Packy (real name: Patrick) is a nice enough fella. He is the nearest thing the group has to a parental figure.

He's the only one who seems to know that the gang's behaviour isn't normal. He's the one who has an eye on the outside world and who cares what people think about him.

Packy tries his best to keep the others in line but always gets reluctantly dragged into the madness because, despite his protestations, he's just as bad as them.


Played by: Kerr Logan
London Irish. Conor (Kerr Logan). Copyright: Company Pictures.

Unbelievable things tend to happen to Conor... and he just sort of goes with them, as if it's just the most natural stuff to happen.

Conor is hugely unpredictable. He's a bit like a creature from another world. He never questions anything, never really judges anyone, he just floats through life and always lands on his feet.

He's like a child amazed by the world around him.


AKA: Chris Lynch.  Played by: Ardal O'Hanlon


AKA: Anne Lynch.  Played by: Tracey Lynch