Living The Dream. Image shows from L to R: Mal Pemberton (Philip Glenister), Jen Pemberton (Lesley Sharp), Tina Pemberton (Rosie Day), Freddie Pemberton (Brenock O'Connor). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Living The Dream

Sky One comedy drama about a family who move to Florida. 12 episodes (2 series), 2017 - 2019. Stars Philip Glenister, Lesley Sharp, Rosie Day, Brenock O'Connor and others.

Mal Pemberton

Played by: Philip Glenister
Living The Dream. Mal Pemberton (Philip Glenister). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Mal is a family man and an eternal optimist, who desperately wants to make a success of his new business adventure in Florida. His relentless 'can-do' attitude and desire to succeed often gets him into sticky situations that only a good dose of Jen's pragmatism can resolve.

Jen Pemberton

Played by: Lesley Sharp
Living The Dream. Jen Pemberton (Lesley Sharp). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

A devoted wife and mother, Jen embraces life in Florida by getting stuck into park renovations and socialising with the neighbours. She quickly understands how things work in America, and what they are going to need to succeed. But, as time goes on, she starts to miss home and her job as a physiotherapist.

Tina Pemberton

Played by: Rosie Day
Living The Dream. Tina Pemberton (Rosie Day). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Tina has high hopes for her new life in America, but compared to her friends back home, she finds her new classmates like a bunch of excited teenagers. She soon finds relief in quarterback boyfriend Conan, until he asks her to be her partner in purity. In the second series she manages to dump Conan and gets involved in various school activities.

Freddie Pemberton

Played by: Brenock O'Connor
Living The Dream. Freddie Pemberton (Brenock O'Connor). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Freddie loves nothing more than to drown out the world with grime music. Particularly, when he's faced with the relentless positive attitudes of the people around him. After a settling-in period, he finds his place at school, and starts to come out of his shell. In the second series he starts collaborating musically with Madison.


Played by: Leslie Jordan
Living The Dream. Aiden (Leslie Jordan). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

With his colourful suits, bow ties and cheery demeanor, it's safe to say that Aiden puts the 'sunshine' in Kissimmee Sunshine Park. Immediately smitten with Jen, he goes out of his way to help keep the peace between the Pembertons and the residents.


Played by: John Crosby
Living The Dream. Ryan (John Crosby). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

So long as he's taken his medication and the cool box is full of beer, Ryan is a happy man. Well, that is until his wife Dorothy starts to invite Troy round to their trailer while he's on a beer run.


Played by: Regina Curtin
Living The Dream. Dorothy (Regina Curtin). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Dorothy lives at the RV park with her husband Ryan. However, in the first series she appears to be having an affair with Troy.

Marvin Pepper (Series 2)

Living The Dream. Marvin Pepper (Leslie David Baker). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Marvin, a recent arrival into the RV Park, is a lazy cop. Overweight Marvin may have gone through several marriages but he has a heart of gold and soon becomes involved in some of Mal's park improvement schemes.


Played by: Paula Wilcox
Living The Dream. Maureen (Paula Wilcox). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Jen's mum. Maureen initially isn't thrilled that Mal has moved her daughter and grandchildren to the other side of the world. At every given opportunity, she throws a bucket of water over their new life with warnings of impending disasters that might befall them. However, she decides to visit them in the end, and can't help but be impressed by the life that Jen and Mal are building. In the second series, she moves into the RV park.

Herman Bloch

Played by: David de Vries
Living The Dream. Herman Bloch (David de Vries). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Herman is the mayor of the town... so Mal needs to keep on his good side. However, as Herman starts building up power, some of his plans directly threaten the RV park. By the end of the second series, it's almost war between Herman and Mal.

Pippy Drew

Pippy is Tina's friend at school. Always enthusiastic and a good actress, she ends up getting roped into many of Tina's plans.

Stacee (Series 2)

Played by: Jessica Ellerby
Living The Dream. Stacee (Jessica Ellerby). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

We meet Stacee in the second series. She is initially a waitress but ends up working for Mal and Jen. She is full of positivity and good ideas and brings a lot of improvements to the park. When she has trouble in her relationship, she ends up moving into one of the RVs.

Madison (Series 2)

Played by: Daisy Fairclough
Living The Dream. Madison (Daisy Fairclough). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Freddie's musical collaborator.

Conan Bloch

Played by: Skylar McNamee
Living The Dream. Conan Bloch (Skylar McNamee). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Conan, who is Mayor Bloch's son, is dating Tina in the first series. However, as a good Christian boy, he doesn't want to have any sexual contact with his girlfriend until they're married... something that causes Tina some frustration. In the second series he moves away to attend military college.

Troy (Series 1)

Played by: Kevin Nash
Living The Dream. Troy (Kevin Nash). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

At 6ft 8 and 295 pounds, ex-wrestler Troy is a formidable force in the RV park, who makes it his business to use his height and strength - and the odd alligator - to intimidate Mal and stop him from making too many changes to the park.

Pastor Wilson (Series 1)

Living The Dream. Pastor Wilson (Michael Ray Davis). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Pastor William lived in the trailer park in the first series. He appeared to be permanently drunk.

Rhoda (Series 1)

Played by: Kim Fields
Living The Dream. Rhoda (Kim Fields). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Rhoda is Jen and Mal's larger-than-life neighbour in the first series. She goes out of her way to make the Pembertons feel welcome in Shingle Creek. When she's not throwing neighbourhood parties and fancy ladies' lunches, she swims in the nude and enjoys a healthy sex life. Which she is very happy to talk about!

Casper (Series 1)

Played by: Randy Havens
Living The Dream. Casper (Randy Havens). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Casper is Rhoda's partner. He seems very sexually free... and that includes trying to make a move on Jen.

Paul (Series 1)

Played by: Jimmy Akingbola
Living The Dream. Paul (Jimmy Akingbola). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Fellow Brit and RV park owner, Paul, is already living Mal's dream. He's turned his rundown park around into a booming business. Jen loves his success and always wants to go to Paul for advice. Unfortunately for Mal, Paul is all too happy to oblige, and Jen is all too willing to tell Mal how successful he is.