Limmy's Show!. Brian Limond. Copyright: The Comedy Unit.

Limmy's Show!

BBC Two Scotland sketch show. 22 episodes (pilot + 3 series), 2009 - 2013. Stars Brian Limond, Debbie Welsh, Tom Brogan, Raymond Mearns, Paul McCole, Kirstin McLean and Alan McHugh.

2013 Specials - Best of Limmy's Show

Compilation of sketches from the BAFTA-award winning comedy series starring writer-performer-director Brian Limond, aka Limmy.

Further details

Limmy's Show has run for three series on BBC2 Scotland and introduced such legendary recurring characters as hard-bitten frequently-paranoid ex-junkie Jacqueline McCafferty, adventure game TV phone-in host Falconhoof, deep-thinker and zoned-out waster Dee Dee and showbiz psychic who specialises in bad news Raymond Day.

Broadcast details

Tuesday 18th June 2013
BBC Three
30 minutes


Falconhoof and Jingle the Jester

Falconhoof's latest caller takes a dislike to his sidekick.

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