Lemon La Vida Loca. Image shows from L to R: Rosie Parker (Laura Aikman), Keith Lemon (Leigh Francis).

Lemon La Vida Loca

ITV2 sitcom following Keith Lemon. 12 episodes (2 series), 2012 - 2013. Stars Leigh Francis and Laura Aikman.

Press Clippings

It's easy to laugh along with Keith Lemon when he's flanked by celebrities sniggering and looking shocked at his every word on Celebrity Juice, but when the beast is unleashed into his own "reality" show, the joke wears a little thin. Despite this, Leigh Francis's comic creation is back with another series of Lemon La Vida Loca and Keith's now single, so that gives him ample opportunity for light-hearted women-pestering, best illustrated by his foray into music with the charmingly titled debut I Wanna Go On You.

Hannah Verdier, The Guardian, 6th June 2013

Keith Lemon interview

Here's what Keith Lemon had to say when I caught up with him for a quick chat...

Elliot Gonzalez, I Talk Telly, 5th June 2013

Keith Lemon to release debut music single

Leigh Francis, in character as Keith Lemon, is to release a debut single called I Wanna Go On You to tie in with the new series of Lemon La Vida Loca.

British Comedy Guide, 31st May 2013

Lemon La Vida Loca to return to ITV2

Comedy character Keith Lemon's spoof reality series Lemon La Vida Loca is to return to ITV2 for a second series.

British Comedy Guide, 6th March 2013

Lemon La Vida Loca - Episode 1.4 review

Leigh Francis's excellent Lemon La Vida Loca concluded this week with an episode just as hilariously rude and ridiculous as its predecessors.

UK TV Reviewer, 25th August 2012

Lemon La Vida Loca - Episode 1.3 review

It was also great this week to see a softer side to Lemon La Vida Loca and that Rosie is human and simply wants to stop Keith's wandering eyes.

UK TV Reviewer, 18th August 2012

Keith Lemon joins us for a live webchat

Funnyman Keith Lemon will be in the hotseat when he joins us for a live webchat Q&A session today.

Ayeesha Walsh, The Sun, 14th August 2012

ITV2's new spoof reality show Lemon La Vida Loca may well sail over the heads of those Celebrity Juice fans who think Keith Lemon is a real person.

But there have been enough knowing winks in the first two episodes to suggest it could have legs.
One thing, Keith. If you do want a second series, you and your lovely lady, Rosie, need to get busy in the baby-making department. These shows seldom survive if there aren't at least a couple of cute kids to coo over. Just ask Peter Andre (who, by the way, still loves his kids.)

Ian Hyland, Daily Mail, 12th August 2012

Lemon La Vida Loca - Episode 1.2 review

Another thing which I think it's just excellent about Lemon La Vida Loca is the casting of Laura Aikman as Rosie - the title character's long-suffering girlfriend. She is playing the role just perfectly at the moment and is actually really, really authentic as her.

UK TV Reviewer, 9th August 2012

Lemon La Vida Loca - Episode 1.1 review

The visual gags were genius, too, and gave the audience some familiarity with his Celebrity Juice antics.

UK TV Reviewer, 3rd August 2012