Lee Kern's Celebrity Bedlam. Lee Kern. Copyright: Objective Productions / Lee Kern Productions
Lee Kern's Celebrity Bedlam

Lee Kern's Celebrity Bedlam

  • TV sketch show
  • E4
  • 2012
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

Hidden camera prank show in which comedian Lee Kern attempts to convince celebrities that outlandish set-ups are true. Stars Lee Kern.

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Fresh from Sellotaping fruit to Big Brother contestants' faces, Lee Kern turns his attentions to the subject of travel and adventure in his celeb-pranking show. His innocent face and deadpan attitude serves him well as he preys on his unsuspecting victims. This week, Lee poses as the world's only blind racing driver, persuades hapless boybander Andy Scott-Lee to break the news that scientists have found the iceberg that hit the Titanic and convinces Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon that she's presenting a show to be shown on plasma screens in the South Pole.

Hannah Verdier, The Guardian, 14th August 2012

TV review: Celebrity Bedlam

How could anyone fall for a coat made of human skin?

Sam Wollaston, The Guardian, 11th August 2012

Are you in the market for incredibly gullible D-list celebrities having incredibly silly pranks played on them? Then catch up with Celebrity Bedlam on E4 or C4. It's part Brass Eye, part Bo' Selecta! and part Shooting Stars. And the first episode made me laugh more than anything else on TV this week.
Yes, even more than the Singapore water polo team's trunks or Boris Johnson's Mr Bo Dangles routine.

Ian Hyland, Daily Mail, 4th August 2012

Celebrity Bedlam review

To be fair to those involved here, pretty much everyone expressed some doubt about what they were being asked to do. "This is all true, this is?" asked Howard from the Halifax ads, before doing a piece to camera for a children's science programme, about bats with human testicles.

Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent, 2nd August 2012

Lee Kern: Stavros Flatley, an angry Liquorice Allsort

New TV prankster reveals about Celebrity Bedlam.

Leigh Holmwood, The Sun, 1st August 2012

If you can stomach the cheap embarrassment of prank show TV, there's no reason why you won't like this one from comedian Lee Kern. This first episode of six has science as its theme, with Kern posing as a boffin and trying to convince David Van Day and Big Brother's Brian Belo that they're about to meet human clones of themselves.

Sharon Lougher and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 1st August 2012

Celebrity-botherer Lee Kern follows up The Royal Wedding Crashers with a new series that has one aim: to wind up famous (and not-so-famous) people. If you're amused by the sight of Big Brother types taping vegetables to their faces, then this stunt show will be like sweet poetry for your eyes. It's a suitably tasteful post-pub treat, with Kern undergoing colonic irrigation and pretending to be a dog. Not at the same time, obvs. The first episode sees him convince celebs they've been cloned, giving a puzzled David Van Day the chance to meet David Van Duplicate.

Hannah Verdier, The Guardian, 31st July 2012

E4 commissions prank show targeting celebrities

E4 has commissioned Lee Kern's Celebrity Bedlam, a new prank show series in which Lee Kern attempts to get celebrities to believe outlandish set-ups.

British Comedy Guide, 6th June 2012

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