Last Of The Summer Wine. Image shows from L to R: Walter C. 'Foggy' Dewhurst (Brian Wilde), William 'Compo' Simmonite (Bill Owen), Norman Clegg (Peter Sallis). Copyright: BBC.

Last Of The Summer Wine

BBC One sitcom about a group of pensioners. 295 episodes (pilot + 31 series), 1973 - 2010. Stars Bill Owen, Peter Sallis, Frank Thornton, Brian Murphy and others.

Series 6, Episode 7 is repeated on Drama today at 7:20pm.

Series 1

1. Short Back And Palais Glide

First broadcast: Monday 12th November 1973

Compo, Clegg and Blamire take a trip to the barbers, followed by a visit to the cafe where they witness one of Ivy and Sid's many rows. Compo later discovers that he's left his house key in the library, but the librarian is no where to be seen.


2. Inventor Of The Forty Foot Ferret

First broadcast: Monday 19th November 1973

Blamire thinks it's about time that Compo went to Church.


3. Pate And Chips

First broadcast: Monday 26th November 1973

Compo's nephew takes the trio plus his own family to visit a stately home where they stroll, picnic - and get thrown out.


4. Spring Fever

First broadcast: Monday 3rd December 1973

In search of love, Compo hires a housekeeper from Bradford who has been widowed three times.


5. The New Mobile Trio

First broadcast: Monday 10th December 1973

Clegg thinks that the time has come for him and his friends, Compo and Blamire, to get about a bit more - widen their horizons. With this in mind, they buy an old car. But Clegg is more imaginative than practical...


6. Hail Smiling Morn Or Thereabouts

First broadcast: Monday 17th December 1973

When Blamire buys himself a camera, Clegg, Compo and himself go in search of interesting things to take photographs of.


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