Ketch! And HIRO-PON Get It On. Image shows from L to R: Ketch! (Keisuke Uchida), Hiro-Pon (Hiroshi Yoshimi). Copyright: Komedia Entertainment / Baby Cow Productions.

Ketch! And HIRO-PON Get It On

Press Clippings

A pilot episode of a new, dialogue-free comedy starring mohicaned Japanese identical twins Ketch! and HIRO-PON. We're promised lots of sight gags, conjuring tricks and some clever backwards filming. Totally unlike anything else on telly at the moment.

Scott Matthewman, The Stage, 6th February 2009

And now for something completely different... namely, mime and acrobatics from a silent comedy duo from Japan. Madcap, mohicaned pair Ketch! and Hiro-Pon have spent a decade entertaining the international live circuit (performing under their other name, Gamarjobat) with cool wordless sight gags and movie parodies. Now they've got their own pilot in a late-night slot that could pave the way to more cult fandom. Proof that actions really can speak louder than words...

Metro, 6th February 2009

This wordless comedy pilot, yet another in the addition to the "mohicaned Japanese identical-twin mime artists" genre, is perfect for a very late on a Friday night: slouch down and giggle at its nifty sight gags, corny conjuring tricks and clever backwards sequences.

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 6th February 2009