Keith Lemon: Coming In America. Leigh Francis. Copyright: Talkback.

Keith Lemon: Coming In America

ITV2 comedy / sitcom / sketch show following Keith Lemon in the US. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2018. Stars Leigh Francis.

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Keith Lemon: Coming in America review

Leigh Francis has stretched his comic creation paper thin over the past 18 years, but there is a weird purity that tickles my fancy.

Tim Dowling, The Guardian, 6th July 2018

Keith moves to Los Angeles to meet agents, schmooze stars and strategise in the back of taxis: it's a spoof of cracking-America documentaries, as listless and slapdash as any Lemon show. The scenes where he interacts with unsuspecting members of the public are the least weak.

Jack Seale, The Guardian, 5th July 2018

Keith Lemon trying to be 'less vulgar'

The sex-obsessed presenter, 45, on being 'romantic,' and his crazy, star-studded life...

Neil Batey, The Mirror, 1st July 2018

Keith Lemon: What do I have that James Corden doesn't?

He might be a household name in the UK but it seems that's not enough for Keith Lemon, whose new ITV2 mockumentary sees him trying to crack America. We got the lowdown from the man himself...

What's On TV, 26th June 2018

ITV2 to follow Keith Lemon in the US

Keith Lemon is to star in a new ITV series about his attempts to find success in Los Angeles and break America.

British Comedy Guide, 4th October 2017