Keeping Up Appearances. Image shows from L to R: Hyacinth Bucket (Patricia Routledge), Richard Bucket (Clive Swift). Copyright: BBC.

Keeping Up Appearances

BBC One sitcom about a social snob. 44 episodes (5 series), 1990 - 1995. Stars Patricia Routledge, Clive Swift, Geoffrey Hughes, Judy Cornwell and others.


The term "Hyacinth Bucket Syndrome" was coined during the late 2000s/early 2010s recession, referring to "the middle-class desire to keep pre-recessionary appearances at any case".

Source: Schott's Almanac 2010

No episode titles were publicised at the time of original broadcast. Those given in our guide are taken from British DVD releases.

A number of informal short Keeping Up Appearances sketches were recorded through the programme's run. In one, on Saturday night entertainment show Noel's House Party, Mr Blobby paid a visit to the Buckets.