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Keeping Up Appearances. Image shows from L to R: Hyacinth Bucket (Patricia Routledge), Richard Bucket (Clive Swift). Copyright: BBC.

Keeping Up Appearances

BBC One sitcom about a social snob. 44 episodes (5 series), 1990 - 1995. Stars Patricia Routledge, Clive Swift, Geoffrey Hughes, Judy Cornwell and others.

Series 4, Episode 1 is repeated on Gold on Monday 28th May at 9:50am.

Press Clippings

BBC Comedy Sitcom Signature Tunes

There is one element in the sitcom which is overlooked - the signature tune. Evocative 30 second sequences of tightly-composed music which set the tone for the half-hour which follows. Without you realising it, that signature tune embeds itself in your psyche. From now until the end of your life, that tune will be a shortcut to the time when that sitcom made the first and greatest impact on you.

Jon Jacob, BBC Blogs, 2nd September 2016

Comedy reboots: never go back

If we want to wallow in nostalgia, let's have repeats rather than retreads.

Deborah Shrewsbury, The Custard TV, 11th July 2016

28 real life situations dealt by Hyacinth Bucket

As Kerry Howard prepares to take on the role of a young Hyacinth, we take a look at how Mrs Bucket's "executive" way of living could teach us all a thing or two, with 28 real life situations she could deal with perfectly.

Ash Percival, The Huffington Post, 28th June 2016

Kerry Howard talks about Keeping Up Appearances prequel

Having finished shooting the comedy last week, Kerry Howard admitted that she was aware that many fans of the original might be critical of the idea, but hopes that the public will enjoy it.

Tom Eames, Digital Spy, 6th May 2016

John Lloyd critical of 'impertinent' sitcom remakes

Blackadder mastermind John Lloyd has insisted that his iconic sitcom will not follow the likes of Porridge, Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em and Are You Being Served? in being remade by the BBC.

Shaun Kitchener, The Daily Express, 21st March 2016

The danger of constantly celebrating the past

Nostalgia. Easy promotability. A blend of old and new. Low risk. Lots of press. And a brand new half hour to be written by Clement and Frenais, writers of the near-perfect Porridge. What's not to like? As a consumer of comedy, I'm fine with all of the above obviously. As a writer of comedy, my feelings are slightly more mixed.

James Cary, Sitcom Geek, 14th March 2016

Roy Clarke on the real life Hyacinth Buckets

Roy Clarke, the creator of Keeping Up Appearances, explains Hyacinth's enduring and global appeal...

Nick Webster, The Mirror, 18th February 2016

Keeping Up Appearances is the BBC's most successful programme

BBC Worldwide has revealed that 25-year old sitcom Keeping Up Appearances is the show most bought in the last 40 years by international channels.

British Comedy Guide, 16th February 2016

Why there's a bit of Hyacinth Bucket in all of us

In the week the BBC announced it was reviving Keeping Up Appearances, Debora Robertson celebrates the little bit of Hyacinth that blossoms in us all.

Debora Robertson, The Telegraph, 18th November 2015

Keeping Up Appearances set to return as Young Hyacinth

BBC in talks to remake classic sitcom, with new version expected to chart the teenage travails of Hyacinth Bucket (sorry, Bouquet)

Patrick Foster, The Telegraph, 16th November 2015

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