Just William. William Brown (Adrian Dannatt). Copyright: London Weekend Television.

Just William (1977)

ITV sitcom. 27 episodes (2 series), 1977 - 1978. Stars Adrian Dannatt, Michael McVey, Craig McFarlane, Tim Rose, Bonnie Langford, Diana Fairfax, Hugh Cross and others.

Just William - the compleet series

Just William - the compleet series

Scruffy, crafty but utterly likeable - that's William, Richmal Crompton's famous fictional schoolboy whose adventures have delighted generations. Made in 1977, this definitive production of the stories, set in the 1920s, feature Adrian Dannatt as William, along with his gang, the Outlaws - Ginger, Henry and Douglas. Bane of parents everywhere, only one thing was guaranteed to turn him in his tracks - the dreaded Violet Elizabeth Bott (Bonnie Langford) whose masterplan, should William not give in to her demands, was to "...thcweam and thcweam and thcweam until I'm thick...".

This 'netwurk' release includes 'the compleet ƨeries' (26 episodes) over 4 discs.

First released: Monday 19th October 2009

  • Distributor: Network
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 4
  • Catalogue: 7953123

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