Outnumbered. Auntie Angela (Samantha Bond). Copyright: Hat Trick Productions.

Just Us

TV sitcom project which was not broadcast.

This comedy has never been broadcast

Just Us

BBC Salford Sitcom Showcase pilot about a couple who have just downsized from their family home. Stars Peter Davison and Samantha Bond

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Jack (Peter Davison) and Kate Murray (Samantha Bond) have just downsized from their family home in London to a smaller place on a quiet housing development in a Brighton suburb. Simultaneously, Jack has traded his job as a small-time journalist to lecture - in journalism. Embittered and grumpy, the irony is not lost on Jack...

Moving house and a change of job - all he needs now is divorce and a death and he's got the 'Big Four' covered and with the unexpected arrival of Chloe (Tessa Peake-Jones), his nemesis of a sister in law, either or both of those could be on the cards, too...

Executive Producer: Don Taffner for DLT Entertainment. Writer: Tom Anderson. Producer: John Bartlett. Director: Ed Bye.

This pilot is part of the BBC Salford Sitcom Showcase 2013.