Josh. Image shows from L to R: Kate (Beattie Edmondson), Josh (Josh Widdicombe), Geoff (Jack Dee), Owen (Elis James). Copyright: BBC


  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Three
  • 2014 - 2017
  • 19 episodes (3 series)

Sitcom by Josh Widdicombe. The show follows the lives of three flatmates and their annoying landlord. Also features Elis James, Beattie Edmondson and Jack Dee.

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Josh. Image shows from L to R: Geoff (Jack Dee), Kate (Beattie Edmondson), Owen (Elis James), Josh (Josh Widdicombe). Copyright: BBC
Sometimes life just isn't fair. For Josh, sometimes feels like always.

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Dumped by his fiancée, Josh is forced to return to his old flat-share with Owen, the most romantic and lyrical Welshman since records began (and that includes Tom Jones) and Kate, who spends her life pursuing every trend from A to Zumba.

All Josh wants is a night in with his flatmates to get over his heartbreak, but Owen is too busy pursuing a love interest he met in the greengrocers, whilst Kate is consumed with trying to reinvent her Spotify profile in order to impress a guy.

Subsequently, Josh ends up spending his time with Geoff, a shoo-in for this year's Most Irritating Landlord Award, and a local barmaid who's convinced Josh is "on the spectrum"... the Local Weirdo/Serial Killer spectrum.


This episode was dedicated to the loving memory of Addison Cresswell, 1960 - 2013.

Broadcast details

Friday 29th August 2014
BBC Three
15 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Saturday 30th August 2014 3:10am BBC3
Monday 1st September 2014 3:00am BBC3
Thursday 18th September 2014 3:40am BBC3
Thursday 25th September 2014 2:45am BBC3
Monday 13th April 2015 2:20am BBC3

Cast & crew

Josh Widdicombe Josh
Elis James Owen
Beattie Edmondson Kate
Jack Dee Geoff
Guest cast
Rose Robinson Barmaid
Writing team
Josh Widdicombe Writer
Tom Craine Writer
Production team
David Schneider Director
Simon Mayhew-Archer Producer
Stephen McCrum Executive Producer
Saurabh Kakkar Executive Producer
Joe Haughey Editor
Kate Purdy Production Designer
Lucy Fewell Production Designer


The pub quiz

Josh has to team up with his Rachel-Stevens-obesessed landlord in the pub quiz.

Featuring: Josh Widdicombe (Josh), Jack Dee (Geoff) & Rose Robinson (Barmaid).

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