Jonathan Creek. Jonathan Creek (Alan Davies). Copyright: BBC.

Jonathan Creek

BBC One comedy drama mystery series. 32 episodes (5 series), 1997 - 2016. Stars Alan Davies, Caroline Quentin, Stuart Milligan, Julia Sawalha and others.

Jonathan Creek - The Grinning Man

Jonathan Creek - The Grinning Man

Jonathan Creek returns in this feature length episode to investigate a series of baffling disappearances in a "haunted" room at the top of a large gothic house. Home of stage musician Lance Gessler, the forbidding mansion known as 'Metropolis' is the site of an intriguing mystery. Over the last seventy years a number of visitors staying overnight in the gloomy old attic room have disappeared without trace...

When two young women, taking shelter from a raging thunderstorm, spend a night at the mansion, the ominous "presence" claims yet another victim. For Jonathan Creek, it seems an ideal chance to return to investigation and a great escape from Adam Klaus and his latest project. Of course, he hasn't yet encountered Joey Ross (Sheridan Smith), a sassy and fearlessly sceptical paranormal investigator, who is determined to find out just what has happened to her friend. As more and more mysteries unravel around the magician and his family, will Jonathan Creek's formidable powers of deduction provide the answers? Or is he about to be eclipsed by the sheer raw intuition of his younger counterpart?

First released: Monday 19th October 2009

  • Released: Monday 10th October 2016
  • Distributor: BBC Worldwide
  • Minutes: 105

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