Jonathan Creek. Jonathan Creek (Alan Davies). Copyright: BBC.

Jonathan Creek

BBC One comedy drama mystery series. 32 episodes (5 series), 1997 - 2016. Stars Alan Davies, Caroline Quentin, Stuart Milligan, Julia Sawalha and others.

Series 2

1. Danse Macabre

First broadcast: Saturday 24th January 1998

The Halloween murder of a best-selling writer could have come straight from her own chillers. Jonathan is busy with an opera-singing stripper and a bath, so has Maddy learned enough about the illusory arts to solve this case alone?


2. Time Waits For Norman

First broadcast: Saturday 31st January 1998

The husband of Maddy's literary agent has been photographed eating in a local hamburger bar. Slightly odd for a vegetarian; very odd for a man who is adamant he was in America at the time...


3. The Scented Room

First broadcast: Saturday 7th February 1998

Jonathan knows how a million pound painting was stolen. But after a bad review from the painting's owner, even a £50,000 reward and a begging Maddy can't persuade the moody magic man to tell.


4. The Problem At Gallows Gate (Part 1)

First broadcast: Saturday 14th February 1998

When Jonathan's badger watch becomes a murder watch, the intrigue is only just beginning. For the man seen strangling a young woman had plunged to his death just weeks earlier...


5. The Problem At Gallows Gate (Part 2)

First broadcast: Saturday 21st February 1998

As Jonathan develops an unhealthy obsession with stockings and Maddy becomes infuriated with his s-less typewriter, they look as unlikely as the police to solve the killed-by-a-dead-man conundrum.


6. Mother Redcap

First broadcast: Saturday 28th February 1998

A high profile judge is killed despite his round-the-clock police protection. Could Maddy's gothic "pub of death" investigation hold the vital key?


Christmas Special: Black Canary

First broadcast: Thursday 24th December 1998

The famous female illusionist, Marella Carney - The Black Canary - is found dead at her rambling mansion. For Jonathan, an encounter with both an old flame and the swashbuckling Detective Inspector Gideon Pryke adds even more spice to an already baffling enigma.


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