Hal Cruttenden.

Joke Thieves

TV stand-up project which was not made.

This comedy has never been broadcast.

Joke Thieves

Stand-up show in which comedians must copy each others' material

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A brand new stand-up comedy show for BBC Two, where top comedians perform their own material - and then each others'!

Mischievous host Hal Cruttenden - from Mock The Week and Live At The Apollo - will pair four of the finest stand-up comedians, who will each perform a live set, before having to watch that same set performed by the comic they were paired with. None of them know who they're going to be matched with, and they haven't seen each other's sets before!

How will a one-liner act cope with copying the set of surreal comic? Will a deadpan comedian end up leaping about the stage like their hyperactive partner? What will happen if a blokey bloke is paired with a feisty lady?

Acts will include BBC Three's most famous chav Lee Nelson, and a host of top comedians from TV and the live circuit.

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