Jo Brand Through The Cakehole. Jo Brand. Copyright: Channel X.

Jo Brand Through The Cakehole

Channel 4 stand-up from Jo Brand. 14 episodes (pilot + 2 series), 1993 - 1996. Stars Jo Brand.

Series 2

1. War And Violence

First broadcast: Friday 12th January 1996

As the series returns, Jo Brand looks at HRT, Reservoir Dogs, female Gladiators and TV crime programmes.


2. Sex And Men

First broadcast: Friday 19th January 1996

Jo Brand looks at sex and men. She talks condoms with Lynne Franks and there is an investigation into who really shot the arrow into Harold's eye.


3. Rude Health

First broadcast: Friday 26th January 1996

Comedian Jo Brand concentrates on health, deviating only to take in the pleasures of smoking and fashion tips for fatties.


4. A Bit Racey

First broadcast: Friday 2nd February 1996

Comedian Jo Brand shares her thoughts on her Maltese holiday, Bernard Manning, and racist cabbies. The Drudge Squad investigate a murder in a village run by the Klu Klux Klan and Meera Syal tries to organise an arranged marriage for Jo.


5. Unhappy Families

First broadcast: Friday 9th February 1996

Jo Brand shares her views on children, parents and the perils of a strict upbringing - something put to the test by going to see Last Tango In Paris and producing a black boyfriend.


6. What A State

First broadcast: Friday 16th February 1996

In the final programme of the series, Jo Brand turns her thoughts to HRT, soap operas, politically correct banking and Clause IV of the Labour Party. It also includes Imelda Staunton's own version of the National Anthem.