Jimmy Carr: Laughing And Joking. Jimmy Carr. Copyright: Chambers Productions.

Jimmy Carr: Laughing And Joking

Channel 4 stand-up. 1 episode in 2014. Stars Jimmy Carr.

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Why do some comedians get away with sexism?

On Sunday evening I managed to watch approximately three minutes of Jimmy Carr: Laughing And Joking on Channel 4. After what felt like an eternity of sexist one-liners (even 180 seconds is too much), I felt great pleasure in pressing the red button on the remote control and watching the screen turn to black.

Brogan Driscoll, The Huffington Post, 2nd December 2014

Revelations around Jimmy Carr's creative interpretation of the rules of HM Revenue and Customs came at an awkward time for the gagsmith, then taking the moral high ground on 10 O'Clock Live. It doesn't seem to have harmed his career in the long run, mind; indeed, a smidge of immorality is much in keeping with Carr's act, which is all about tiptoeing along the edge of good taste. A show filmed at the Hammersmith Apollo in late 2013, expect wry heckler evisceration and edgy one-liners aplenty.

Louis Pattison, The Guardian, 29th November 2014