Jeeves And Wooster. Image shows from L to R: Bertie Wooster (Hugh Laurie), Jeeves (Stephen Fry). Copyright: Picture Partnership Productions
Jeeves And Wooster

Jeeves And Wooster

  • TV comedy drama
  • ITV
  • 1990 - 1993
  • 23 episodes (4 series)

Bertie Wooster is a minor aristocrat of limited intellect, ably aided and assisted in regular times of crisis by his improbably wise valet, Jeeves. Stars Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Mary Wimbush, Elizabeth Spriggs, Brenda Bruce and more.

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Series 2, Episode 5

Just when plans for Chuffy's estate - and marriage to Pauline - appear to be back on track, Bertie's past catches up with him and threatens to throw the affair into disarray once more. With Jeeves back at his side, can a solution mutually beneficial for all be arrived at?

Further details

Bertie's fellow Drones descend on the seaside town of Chuffnell Regis. Bertie is effectively kidnapped by J Washburn Stoker when he suspects some impropriety between his daughter Pauline and Wooster himself. Threatened with marrying Pauline, Bertie is locked in one of the staterooms abroad Stoker's yacht.

Up in the main salon meanwhile, Dwight Stoker is having a party for his ninth birthday. With Jeeves' asistance, Wooster escapes from his stateroom and his face blackened with boot polish, manages to lose himself among the minstrels, leaving the yacht when they do.

It is Lammas Eve, when Old Boggie is said to walk and since it transpires that the Drones aren't the only ones running around with blackened faces, local residents become frightened. The police are alerted and the chase eventually leads them to the silver wedding celebrations of Barmy Fotheringay Phipps' Aunt Hilda. There for reasons that become clear - the Drones' minstrel band not only conceals Bertie, but J Wasburn Stoker himself.

Rounded up and put under arrest, the whole ensemble is brught before the local magistrate, none other than Chuffy Chufnell. Jeeves now comes to the rescue. Bertie is cleared of all suspicion of ungallant behaviour and the future happiness of Pauline and Chuffy is assured.


This episode is known by the following titles:
The Mysterious Stranger

It is based on the book Thank You, Jeeves.

Broadcast details

Sunday 12th May 1991
60 minutes


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Cast & crew

Stephen Fry Jeeves
Hugh Laurie Bertie Wooster
Richard Dixon Oofy Prosser
Martin Clunes Barmy Fotheringay Phipps
Guest cast
Roger Brierley Sir Roderick Glossop
Jane Downs Lady Glossop
Michael Ripper Drones Porter
Matthew Solon Chuffy
Sharon Holm Pauline
Manning Redwood Stoker
Fidelis Morgan Myrtle
Edward Holmes Seabury
James Holland Dwight
Dave Atkins Voules
William Waghorn Dobson
Cynthia Grenville Aunt Hilda
Gordon Salkilld Station Master
Raymond Young Porter
Marlene Sidaway Pub Landlady
Colin Pinney Butler
Writing team
Clive Exton Writer (Adapted By)
Production team
Simon Langton Director
Brian Eastman Producer
Sally Head Executive Producer
Chris Wimble Editor
Eileen Diss Production Designer
Anne Dudley Composer

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