Island Of Dreams. Sir Richard Branson (Harry Enfield). Copyright: Genial Productions.

Island Of Dreams

BBC Two sitcom about Richard Branson. 1 pilot in 2019. Stars Harry Enfield, Samantha Spiro, Morgana Robinson, Al Murray and others.

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TV review: Island Of Dreams

It could be accused of attacking easy targets but very little of the humour is mean spirited and the whole thing has a ridiculously silly feel to it which makes it a pleasure to watch.

Alex Finch, Comedy To Watch, 4th January 2019

Island of Dreams review: Richard Branson an easy target

Richard Branson makes an easy target in scurrilous sitcom.

Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, 3rd January 2019

TV review: Island of Dreams, BBC2

Probably the best joke is the one about Virgin Trains being rubbish. Nice running gag. Or, given that the programme quips that the trains are a bit shit, maybe that should be non-running.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 3rd January 2019

One-off comedy, starring Harry Enfield. Necker Island has white sands, turquoise sea and girls in bikinis serving drinks. It also has Sir Richard Branson helping to solve the problems of celebrity guests, from JK Rowling and Adele to Daniel Radcliffe and Daniel Craig, while they enjoy some well-deserved luxury. But does the tycoon have a more important masterplan - a dark secret involving interplanetary travel?

The National (Scotland), 3rd January 2019

Island Of Dreams preview

The Windsors creators Bert Tyler-Moore and George Jeffrie have not strayed too far from what they know with the latest BBC Two comedy pilot, with heightened versions of celebrities, rather than Royals, inhabiting Island Of Dreams.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 3rd January 2019

From The Windsors writers Bert Tyler-Moore and George Jeffrie comes a rollicking comedy pilot that sees Harry Enfield revel in the role of Richard Branson, lording over all in his Caribbean retreat, Necker Island. The conceit here is that, in addition to his commercial talents, Branson has a gift for solving the problems of our most treasured, but also most screwed-up, celebrities. The real question, though, is: does he have a more important master plan - a dark secret involving interplanetary travel?

Mike Bradley, The Guardian, 3rd January 2019

Cast revealed for Richard Branson comedy Island Of Dreams

Harry Enfield, Samantha Spiro, Morgana Robinson and Al Murray are amongst the stars for BBC Two comedy pilot Island Of Dreams.

British Comedy Guide, 8th December 2018

Harry Enfield to play Richard Branson in new BBC comedy

Harry Enfield is to play Sir Richard Branson in Island Of Dreams, a new BBC Two comedy pilot written by the creators of The Windsors.

British Comedy Guide, 13th November 2018