In Case You Missed It. Dara O Briain. Copyright: BBC.

In Case You Missed It

BBC Two comedy mocking TV. 1 episode in 2015. Stars Dara O Briain, Dan March, Carrie Cohen, James Clossick and others.

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In Case You Missed It accused of plagiarism

The BBC has denied claims of plagiarism after viewers noticed that its TV mash-up show In Case You Missed It bore a remarkable similarity to Radio 4 comedy Listen Against.

Chortle, 2nd October 2015

Dara O Briain hosts this new show which mocks TV. It seems he's now mocking the telly as well as mocking the week, but who's complaining? He's good enough to get away with it.

When I read this was to be a TV review show I expected something like Points of View, with O Briain looking back over the best and worst of the week's programmes, showing us little clips and reading out boring tweets from the viewers. I'm happy to tell you this is not the case, because the programmes featured here are warped, skewed and surreal versions of the shows we know.

We get a clip from Strictly Come Dancing or, at least, it looks like Strictly but something is wrong with it: there is no music, and so we watch the dancers twirl across the floor in an awkward, forced silence. And we have a clip from The Jeremy Kyle Show, but the usual mob of horrors demanding DNA tests have been replaced with children who're arguing about cheating on the X-Box and whether pocket money was pinched from the piggy bank.

It's good to know TV can laugh at itself.

Julie McDowall, The National, 21st September 2015