How To Start Your Own Country

BBC Two comedy. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2005. Stars Danny Wallace.

How To Start Your Own Country

How To Start Your Own Country

One morning, Danny Wallace decided to start his very own country. Little did he know it was a decision that would take him tens of thousands of miles across the globe, meeting world leaders, inventing laws and becoming a King.

He meets Cardinals, Princes and the man who owns the moon. He travels to Italy, Denmark, America and the UN. He tries to enter the Eurovision Song Contest, make all crime illegal and, with an army of loyal citizens backing him up, he strives to create the nicest little country in the world...

As seen on the BBC, this is the comedy documentary series which the Times called "brilliant", the Telegraph called "nutty", and the Star called "just plain mental". Join Danny as he gets his face on a stamp, his flag on a pole, and embarks upon the feelgood journey of a lifetime!

Also includes deleted scenes, the National Anthem, Eurovision song, and an hidden surprise...

First released: Monday 18th June 2007

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