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Holy Flying Circus. Image shows from L to R: Terry Gilliam (Phil Nichol), Graham Chapman (Tom Fisher), Michael Palin (Charles Edwards), John Cleese (Darren Boyd), Terry Jones (Rufus Jones), Eric Idle (Steve Punt). Copyright: Hillbilly Productions / TalkbackThames.

Holy Flying Circus

BBC Four comedy drama. 1 episode in 2011. Stars Darren Boyd, Charles Edwards, Steve Punt, Rufus Jones, Tom Fisher, Phil Nichol, Stephen Fry and others.

Video Clips

Palin and Cleese Arrive at the BBC

Palin and Cleese at the BBC before going on Friday Night Saturday Morning.

Featuring: Darren Boyd (John Cleese), Charles Edwards (Michael Palin), Paul Chahidi (Harry Balls).

The Pythons in Barry Atkins' Office

Barry Atkins asks the Pythons how they feel about Councils asking for an X certificate.

Featuring: Darren Boyd (John Cleese), Charles Edwards (Michael Palin), Steve Punt (Eric Idle), Rufus Jones (Terry Jones), Tom Fisher (Graham Chapman), Phil Nichol (Terry Gilliam), Simon Greenall (Barry Atkins).

Michael Palin and Jones the Wife

Michael Palin talks to his 'wife' about concerns about the opening of Life of Brian.

Featuring: Charles Edwards (Michael Palin), Rufus Jones (Terry Jones).

The 'Life of Brian' Debate

Shortly after Life Of Brian was released, John Cleese and Michael Palin engaged in a what would become an infamous debate on the BBC2 discussion programme Friday Night, Saturday Morning.

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