Hold The Sunset. Image shows from L to R: Phil (John Cleese), Roger (Jason Watkins), Edith (Alison Steadman). Copyright: BBC.

Hold The Sunset

BBC One sitcom about a widow and her new boyfriend. 13 episodes (2 series), 2018 - 2019. Stars Alison Steadman, John Cleese, Jason Watkins, Rosie Cavaliero and others.

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Frauds are at the fore in this week's instalment of the pleasingly superannuated west London comedy. Phil (John Cleese) self-combusts on realising that Wendy's book of animal stories mirrors his own life, and social services spring a surprise on scammer Roger by giving him what he wanted - almost.

Mike Bradley, The Guardian, 23rd August 2019

Season two of the star-packed sitcom about a silvery couple having their retirement plans upended continues. After last week's dire house viewing, fastidious Phil (John Cleese) has vanished, which is probably just as well since daffy Roger (Jason Watkins) has jumped headlong into the Airbnb market. Farcical, fitful fun.

Graeme Virtue, The Guardian, 9th August 2019

Hold The Sunset makes Mrs Brown look like a masterpiece

Retiree romcom Hold The Sunset (BBC One) returned for a second series but I rather wish it had sailed off into its titular twilight. Instead, almost in the words of The Honeycombs' best-known song, it came right back and I just can't bear it.

Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, 2nd August 2019

With its superstar cast and older target audience, you might expect this sitcom to be smoothly executed. Instead, it is wilfully erratic, veering between wacky oddness and gentle, joke-free patter. Series two opens with grumpy Phil (John Cleese) making a hash of selling his house.

Jack Seale, The Guardian, 2nd August 2019

Jason Watkins interview

'I've bonded with a singing crocodile!'.

Caren Clark, What's On TV, 24th July 2019

The first episode of Hold the Sunset was so gruellingly unamusing I was determined to have nothing more to do with it. Then John Cleese objected to my review on Twitter and argued that only people who had TV are qualified to critique it. I did try two more episodes. If anything, the script deteriorated, leaving fine comedians including Rosie Cavaliero and Jason Watkins to overact their socks off. A second series is coming next year. Can an average audience of 4.65 million possibly be wrong? A majority of commenters on The Arts Desk would suggest they might. For a proper depth-charged comedy about an autumn romance thwarted by selfish hangers-on, stick with Mum.

Jasper Rees, The Arts Desk, 27th December 2018

Hold the Sunset Christmas special, review

It is as if the writer put down his pen midway through crafting an hour-long special and shoved in a heart-warming Christmas singalong to end things.

Alexandra Pollard, The Independent, 23rd December 2018

Filming starts on Hold The Sunset Series 2

The Royle Family star Sue Johnston has joined the cast of Hold The Sunset, as filming starts on the second series.

British Comedy Guide, 20th September 2018

Hold The Sunset to return for Series 2

John Cleese has confirmed in a tweet that Hold The Sunset is to return for a second series.

British Comedy Guide, 11th May 2018

Edith and Phil's former lovers send departure plans awry. An encounter with Edith's old boyfriend sets Phil's tetchiness gland twitching, while an appearance from Phil's former flame Desiree causes consternation for Edith. The only reconnection likely for manchild Roger is, he hopes, with his missing drone.

Mark Gibbings-Jones, The Guardian, 25th March 2018