HMS Paradise. Captain Turvey (Richard Caldicot). Copyright: Rediffusion London.

HMS Paradise

Series 1

1. Captain Art Thou Sleeping There Above?

First broadcast: Thursday 16th July 1964


2. Come Out Lt Ross Wherever You Are

First broadcast: Thursday 23rd July 1964


3. An Officer And A Gentleman

First broadcast: Thursday 30th July 1964

CPO Banyard gets to understand that being an officer isn't all about signing your own leave passes and wearing a flat hat - he has to do some real work for a change ...


4. The Sea Does Not Want Them

First broadcast: Thursday 6th August 1964

Ye gentlemen of England,
That live at home at ease,
Ah, little do you think upon,
The dangers of the seas


5. I Don't Know The Name And The Face

First broadcast: Thursday 13th August 1964

Lieutenant Pouter is suddenly menaced by marriage but with Chief Petty Officer Banyard's help he discovers that love will find a way out.


6. It'll All Come Out In The Wash

First broadcast: Thursday 20th August 1964


7. You'll Get No Promotion This Side Of The Ocean

First broadcast: Thursday 27th August 1964

Able Seaman Murdoch tries to win fair lady with a Do-it-yourself promotion kit.


8. Call Me Madam & I'll Punch You On The Nose

First broadcast: Thursday 3rd September 1964


9. Don't Fire That Man, He's Loaded

First broadcast: Thursday 10th September 1964

Captain Turvey adds a shell to his souvenir collection and the island draft tries to get it back before it explodes.


10. You Have Been Listening To Radio Paradise

First broadcast: Thursday 17th September 1964

A little of what Captain Turvey fancies doesn't do anyone any good.


11. And A Happy Bastille Day To You, Too

First broadcast: Thursday 24th September 1964

You can twist French history as much as you like - but for Drake's sake, never mess about with their perishing geography. So says CPO Banyard, during a lecture to fellow prisoners.


12. In Which We Serve A Drop O'the Hard Stuff

First broadcast: Thursday 1st October 1964

Banyard's Potent Punch gets the party going.


13. Mutiny On The Boonsey

First broadcast: Thursday 8th October 1964

To avenge himself of Captain Turvey, Lt Pouter goes back 200 years in history and finds that he might just as well have stayed at home.


14. Having A Wonderful Time, Glad You're

First broadcast: Thursday 15th October 1964


15. Anybody Wanna Buy An Island?

First broadcast: Thursday 22nd October 1964


16. Thar's Gold In Them Thar Holes

First broadcast: Thursday 29th October 1964


17. Twas On The Good Ship Venus

First broadcast: Thursday 5th November 1964

There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamed of in the Manual of Navigation.


18. Our Man On Boonsey

First broadcast: Thursday 12th November 1964

When Captain Turvey stoops to conquer, there's nobody who stoops lower.


19. There Is No Excuse For Slipshod Paperwork

First broadcast: Thursday 19th November 1964

The dreaded Captain Turvey becomes the new Captain of the Dockyard at Portland; the Boonsey island establishment try him on for size and find he doesn't fit.


20. What Am I Bid For This Lot

First broadcast: Thursday 26th November 1964

For once, CPO Banyard ends up with far, far more than he bargained for.


21. How To Try In Business Without Really Succeeding

First broadcast: Thursday 3rd December 1964

CPO Banyard discovers that a bowler hat and 20 years of fiddling before the mast are not qualifications for a civilian career.


22. Let That Be A Four Minute Warning To You

First broadcast: Thursday 10th December 1964

Captain Turvey is lecturing the Island draft on what to do if the bomb drops, when all of a sudden ...


23. Hail Lieutenant Hathaway And Farewell

First broadcast: Thursday 17th December 1964

Lieutenant Superman Hathaway, sent by Captain Turvey to scourge the island draft, discovers that Queen's Regulations is a closed book at Boonsey.


Special: HMS Paradise Meets HMS Eagle

First broadcast: Thursday 24th December 1964


25. This Side Up - Use No Hooks

First broadcast: Thursday 31st December 1964


26. The Great Brain Robbery

First broadcast: Thursday 7th January 1965

If Lieutenant Pouter and Able Seaman Murdoch can become geniuses what does that make the rest of the Navy?