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Hitmen. Image shows from L to R: Fran (Sue Perkins), Jamie (Mel Giedroyc). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions


  • TV sitcom
  • Sky Comedy / Sky One
  • 2020 - 2021
  • 12 episodes (2 series)

Sitcom starring Mel & Sue as professional assassins. Also features Sue Perkins, Mel Giedroyc, Katherine Parkinson, Asim Chaudhry and Tonya Cornelisse


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Series 2: Hitmen Reloaded, Episode 3

Hitmen. Image shows from L to R: Jamie (Mel Giedroyc), Kieran Roberts (Mathew Baynton), Fran (Sue Perkins). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions
Fran and Jamie have just taken out Jackson Reynard - a movie producer / drug lord - and are thrilled they've finished the hit
early. But they realise that they have killed Jackson way too soon...

Further details

Fran and Jamie have just taken out Jackson Reynard - a movie producer come drug lord - and are thrilled they've finished the hit early. Jamie is particularly thankful as she has promised Kat she will be home early to take delivery of an expensive sofa. But they realise that they have killed Jackson way too soon - before he'd done a lucrative deal. Now they have a bag full of drugs instead of the cash they were supposed to retrieve, and a bunch of Moldovan gangsters are on their way to the hotel to do the exchange. Luckily the Moldavans have never met Jackson, and although they are unlikely to be fooled by a couple of middle-aged women, Jamie has the idea to hire an actor who can impersonate Jackson and do the deal.

Cue Kieran, an out-of-work actor; desperate for the work, but also very method. They tell him he's part of an immersive stag do experience, and from the off Kieran is keen to add his own thespian flourishes to role, totally unaware of the danger he is in when he and Fran (acting as his bodyguard) finally meet the gangsters. Meanwhile, Jamie has been tasked with disposing of Jackson's body, only to discover that he's not as dead as they thought, and she juggles tracking the sofa delivery on her phone with chasing the movie producer and trying to finish him off. Back with the gangsters, and Kieran is incapable of closing the deal, instead regaling his new friends with fictional gossip from the movie world, assuming he is just adding value to this stag do experience. But when Fran learns that Jackson's dying words to Jamie revealed the drugs are fake, she urgently tries to extricate herself and the ever oblivious Kieran from the gangsters before they are exposed.

Broadcast details

Wednesday 6th October 2021
Sky Comedy
30 minutes

Cast & crew

Sue Perkins Fran
Mel Giedroyc Jamie
Guest cast
Mathew Baynton Kieran Roberts
Jessica Hulme Sophie
Lucien MacDougall Jackson Reynard
Tomi May Rusnac
Olivia Sinclair Croupier
Ashley Thomas Dima
Writing team
Joe Parham Writer
Joe Markham Writer
Mel Giedroyc Script Consultant
Sue Perkins Script Consultant
Oriane Messina Writer
Fay Rusling Writer
Production team
David Sant Director
Ali Bryer Carron Producer
Siobhan Rhodes (as Siobhan Bachman) Executive Producer
Arnold Widdowson Executive Producer
Tilusha Ghelani Executive Producer
Mel Giedroyc Associate Producer
Joe Parham Associate Producer
Sue Perkins Associate Producer
Joe Markham Associate Producer
Anne Patterson Co-producer
Nick Ames Editor
Jim Holloway Production Designer
Tracey Gillham Casting Director
Nadine Hindi Costume Designer
Trevelyan Oliver Director of Photography
Nicola Coleman Make-up Designer
Micaela Ralph Graphics
Andy Stenning 1st Assistant Director

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